Top Favorites for Winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup Title

The FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule is released, and we have all the group stage games confirmed. Also, the brackets for the knockout stages are ready, so the analysts and the fans have something to work with when predicting the possible developments and the winners. 

For the moment, the bookmakers and the pundits agree on several teams that have realistic chances of winning the trophy. Though, all the current assessments could change because there is a long way ahead of us until the start of the championship.

The top two favorites are Brazil and France. Each team has its strengths and weapons, and for the moment, they are the best two teams in the world. 

Brazil was extremely dominant in the South American qualifiers and all the friendly games this team played after that. And to be perfectly straight, this isn’t because of Neymar, but the entire team. PSG’s star is just one of the players here, and even though he always wants to be in the center of attention, other players are stepping up and taking the leading roles.

Coutinho, Raphinha, Richarlison, all these players are slowly taking over the team. As said, Neymar is important, but not as before, which is the main reason for Brazil’s superb performances. 

The reigning world champions, France, are preparing for this tournament as if it’s their last one. Head coach, Didier Deschamps, is motivated to win another silverware and not only enter history but erase the debacle at the recent EURO. 

When looking at the individual quality, France is the best team in the tournament, and this is a consensus of all the top experts. Mbappe, Pogba, Griezmann, Kante, Varane, Benzema, this is practically the top echelon of football stars.

When mentioning the individual quality, Belgium is also a contender for the title due to their fantastic roster. Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, these guys present megastars of this sport. The Devils were always one step short in the decisive moments, failing to reach the finals or suffering some unexpected setback during the knockout stage. 

This is maybe the last World Cup for this generation of players, the “golden” as many call it, despite the absence of trophies. All of them are at their peak, experienced, and motivated to go all the way. 

The one team that many forget, but is extremely dangerous, is Argentina. Gauchos recently won the Copa America title, beating Brazil in their own house. It is the ultimate proof of the quality this crew has. Besides Messi, they have several other players who have an equally important role as PSG’s megastar. 

Angel Di Maria is the man who is always there for the national team and who plays his best football in the national jersey. Lautaro Martinez, Paulo Dybala, and other world-class players make Argentina a top favorite for the title.

Of other teams, we need to mention Portugal, Spain, and Germany. Simply, you can’t leave them out here. 

Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo, but besides him, at least one worldwide known player in each position. Jota, Fernandes, Leal, Dias, Neves, Cancelo, and many more notable names indicate that this crew has an unbelievably deep roster. Ronaldo isn’t the leading player like before, but only a tip of the spear, and the guy who might be the top weapon, yet not a playmaker or the most critical piece on the field. 

Spain is one of the most talented teams in the competition and probably the youngest of all the teams with a bit higher reputation. Pedri and Gavi, two prodigies preparing to become the legit successors of Xavi and Iniesta, are the leaders of the new Spanish unit.

As for Germany, due to the history and their mentality, they simply can’t be written off, although Die Mannschaft isn’t as powerful as before. The German will for triumph and their stubborn approach are two reasons why we have to keep them in our eyesight. 

This is, in short, the list of all the countries that aim to win the title. The World Cup is set for mid-November, so clear your schedule and get ready for one month of thrill, excitement, and drama. It’s going to be a fun ride. 

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