Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 14th August– 20th August 2022

Love and Relationships

You have to go through a lot of disturbances in your love life this week. In spite of getting the positive nod from the opposite sex for enjoying pleasures of physical intimacy, those single ones may not enjoy the act to the fullest. You may carry some apprehensions. A minor issue in a close relationship can bother you. There might be some domestic responsibilities you have to finish.


Health is something that cannot be left leniently. Avoid oily food as this can affect your agility and make you sluggish. It is better to take care of yourself. Your immunity might remain good this week but don’t take this for granted. Make sure to take care of yourself and your fitness regime to avoid any problems.
This week, you may relax and appreciate the blessing of good health. Even people with piles and similar issues might look forward to relief, provided the usual precautions are taken. You should be cautious about any liver issues. As planetary grace unfolds a series of favourable happenings, anxiety may be sorted. Except for these safeguards, you have nothing to fear.


The week is likely to bring in surprises in terms of finance. You are likely to make significant financial decisions. Decisions made during this week are likely to bring you profit, further securing your financial future.


As Moon is placed well in transit and other planets too are in an auspicious position, this week may be good for entrepreneurs and businessmen. Aquarian natives can explore new opportunities for partnerships. The professional growth and career may seem to be at their best, securing you good money along with respect. Avert creating new liabilities by taking loans or additional credit facilities. Celebrate this time of professional upliftment.


Students could concentrate more on their education and studies during this week, specifying the planetary position. The results they might achieve may keep them in a good state of mind. Sportspersons may stand up to all the challenges and may win the competitions they partake. Aquarians planning to appear for competitive exams may crack the assessments with unanticipated and marvelous results. To achieve success, avoid distractions and maintain focus.

The Week’s Overview

Individuals with the Scorpio sign may find themselves surrounded by positive vibes. The coming week may come with a host of surprises. Healthwise, this week is likely to bring a suitable time for you. Scorpio students are expected to put in more hard work. Female natives are likely to enjoy a successful week ahead. You would be excited to take up the role of a mentor for your fellow colleagues in the workplace. Your guidance and advice may come in handy to them. The week is likely to bring in surprises in terms of finance. You are likely to make significant financial decisions. Decisions made during this week are likely to bring you profit, further securing your financial future. During these days, you may need to work on your priorities instead of indulging in unnecessary things. Scorpio-bound investors are likely to mint money through share market activities. Scorpio natives may find the right time to regain focus on their academics. Moving on, you may realize that you need more effort. Extracurricular activities are likely to take up a lot of your time. You may need to prepare well for the upcoming examination. Those natives who are in a relationship are likely to spend quality time with their spouse this week. Experts predict a perfect time to be in a marital relationship for Scorpions. Lovers are likely to surprise their dating partners by visiting their houses. Your relationships are likely to strengthen this week.

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