Global warming is a hot issue, destroying the natural beauty ofthis world. Thankfully, environment protection programs have spread awareness to the people. The more people understand the consequences of rising environmental issues, the more solutions may be developed to prevent these problems.Energy consumption, pollution, and waste materials, such as plastic, are causing a threat to the atmosphere, causing climate change, worse weather conditions, and various health issues.

Global warming is a dangerous threatthat affects every individual in the world. NGOs and businesses are collectively working to create a solution that may reduce the threat and lead the world towards a green and clean environment. When it comes to a clean atmosphere, the first thing that should be controlled is the energy people consume. Greenhouse gases or carbon emissions are the biggest cause of global warming. The world needs to find an alternative that leaves a lower environmental impact by producing carbon-free gases. Therefore, environmental activists emphasize the awareness of green energy. Green or clean energy hasa lower impact on the environment, offering a safe alternative to non-renewable energy.

Unlike fossil fuels, green energy is non-polluting and comes from 100% renewable sources. This type of energy is sustainable and causes no harm to the environment. Companies are producing clean energy to ensure a clean environment. One prominent example is Concord Blue, a company that produces sustainable energy sources for a greener future. Clean energy is good for the planet and the people. Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gases, are limited and might run out sooner or later. So, the companies are switching to employing solutions that can produce energy from natural resources, biomass, and waste materials. Concord Blue produces green and carbon-free hydrogen from biomass and waste materials with the vision of protectingthe environment.

Like any human activity, energy also strongly impacts the environment. Clean energy emits no or low greenhouse gases, which is good for the climate. On the other hand, fossil fuel combustion emits significant greenhouse gases that produce global warming. Additionally, clean energy prevents air pollution. The founder and CEO of Concord Blue, Charlie Thannhaeuser, has the vision to make this world a better place for everyone. Realizing the consequences of greenhouse gases, he founded Concord Blue – an industry leader in producing green and carbon-free hydrogen from biomass and waste materials. The company uses a decentralized process of water steam thermolysis, which converts waste materials into hydrogen-rich syngas. This process maximizes hydrogen production, producing various end products, including hydrogen for transportation (5.0 purity), electricity, biofuels, and heat. The syngas produced by Concord Blue is an alternative to crude oil and natural gas. The clean technology utilizes a multi-stage and non-oxygen reforming process that converts solid into emission-free gases. Charlie Thannhaeuser’s company creates energy from waste and now delivers what the world needs.

Charlie founded Concord Blue in 2002. The company has created a thermolysis-based waste removing system, the Concord Blue Reformer. This system has the ability to accept a wide range of waste materials, making it a sustainable and efficient way to produce in-demand output products, making it an advanced waste reforming technology. Blue Concord is a developer of waste-to-hydrogen (W2H2) and waste-to-energy (W2E) projects, and the company uses high-quality technology that locally converts all types of waste materials into a wide range of renewable fuels, including syngas, electricity, biofuels, and heat. The process of converting waste into energy is 100% pollution free.

Concord Blue is the USA and Germany-based waste-to-hydrogen company well-known for increasing demand for green and renewable energy. The company initiated phase two on a bioenergy facility in Germany, and for that, Concord Blue has signed a $43 million contract with Lockheed Martin Energy.

The founder and CEO of the company, Charlie Thannhaeuser, is an American/German businessman and chief technology officer. Born on June 17, 1978, in New York, Charlie is the inventor of the Concord Blue Reformer – a technology that converts waste to renewable hydrogen. Charlie is well-known for his contribution of reducing global warming through his role as the CEO and chief technology officer of Concord Blue. His strong vision is the major reason behind the success of clean energy and carbon-free hydrogen from biomass and waste materials.

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