How to Bet on Live Dealer Blackjack Online

Live dealer casino games are very much in with the crowd right now. Developers like Evolution Gaming have managed to make a killing by introducing us to all sorts of new live casino releases. However, the old ones are the favourites (and arguably the best). You can’t beat a bit of live blackjack. Find out what this means for you with our guide to playing live blackjack online.

Find a Game That Suits You

Firstly, it is important that you find a live blackjack game that suits you. There are several of them out there for you to choose from. These range from live blackjack to Infinite Blackjack and Lightning Blackjack. While some of these gambling games can be played for free (such as RNG – random number generator – demo games), they all can’t. Research your preferred game (and its rules) before you start betting.

Pay Attention to Betting Windows

You should try and pay attention to the betting windows in the game. These may be considerably shorter than you expect. Look for green lights to indicate open betting windows. The betting window will usually be no longer than one minute, so get your bet in. Use the chips displayed on the digital betting menu to do this. Remember to keep your bet within the table limits.

Consider Betting Behind If There Are No Seats

If there are no seats at the table, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out of luck. On the contrary, you can still wager in many live blackjack games. Just choose a game that permits betting behind. This is a unique feature that can see you stake cash based on another player’s cards. Read up on betting behind before you attempt it, though.

Be Respectful to the Dealer

It is easy to forget that you are playing with a real-to-life human dealer sometimes. Make sure that you are very respectful when dealing with them. You can live chat to the dealer, but you won’t be sharing audio. The dealer will respond to you over an audio stream, though. Remember that when conversing with other players or the dealer, it is entirely possible to get carried away. If you become abusive or cause trouble, the live dealer will determine your connection to the game, and the casino itself may ban you from returning.

Don’t Hold Up the Gameplay

Never hold up gameplay. For the most part, automatic betting windows at the start of a game of live blackjack dictate how long you have to bet. However, sometimes, the dealer will wait a good long while until you have decided on your moves in the latter stages of the game. Other live blackjack games also give you a finite time to do this (another window). Be sure that if you do get more time than most, you don’t delay unnecessarily and hold up the game for other bettors.

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