How King Real Estate Group is taking the Role of Realtors to the next level?

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The United States’ real estate market is perhaps the most rapidly expanding industry today. According to a survey, over 90% of homes were sold in the United States in 2021 alone. The drastic rise in the market showcases how people were starved of acquiring properties during the peak duration of COVID-19. The pandemic showed the importance of acquiring properties and showed how the role of realtors is still important. But there’s a strong case of brokers taking this route as a pitstop toward achieving their true objectives.

Many real estate brokers have a severe lack of passion as they look at this profession as a way to earn quick money. Although the fast return-on-investment (ROI) is the objective, long gone are the days when realtors used to earn money for fun. First of all, clients have become more technologically inclined. They verify their options online and go for someone who fulfills their requirements in the best possible manner. Second of all, the lack of interest in taking this career as a future prospect doesn’t allow realtors to explore different industry trends. This, in turn, causes a rift in the country’s leading industrial sectors. A more drastic concern is real estate organizations not taking the opportunity to hire brokers who are there for the long run. However, that’s not the case for King Real Estate Group.

King Real Estate Group is one of the most innovative real estate organizations, with its founder Steve Haddadin, leading with his vision of a client-centric organization. Unlike other real estate companies, King Real Estate Group focuses on working with those who seek a long-term future. A major driving force for the company’s approach is Haddadin, who, himself has been passionate about real estate since his childhood.

In an interview with Star Jones, he shared how his father introduced him to the industry at an a young age. Haddadin claimed that his father’s efforts ignited his passion for the real estate industry within him, which eventually became the fuel for King Real Estate Group. In the interview, Haddadin also talked about how today’s real estate brokers are not using the resources as well as they should and are being more value-driven in their approach. For instance, they are focused on getting hundreds of clients rather than offering top-notch services to a few.

King Real Estate Group has introduced a different approach. The team focuses on providing the best service possible to a single client rather than juggling multiple clients. Further, they are also encouraged to learn more about the industry and new methods to perform real estate operations instead of using traditional methods. In the interview, Haddadin said that the company aspires to lead the path with this new approach in the real estate industry.

The company is not only well-versed in selling real estate, but it provides several other services that help potential homeowners throughout the process. Whether you’re looking for a commercial, retail, or residential property, the company has experts who can help. It also helps clients with other services like portfolio management, consulting services, and mortgage assistance. In this way, the company is providing more learning opportunities to its agents. It’s a great way for Steve and King Real Estate Group to groom realtors to become the face of the United States’ real estate industry. Today, the real estate industry is experiencing a transformational change, with customers being the center of attention and major technological advancements. King Real Estate Group has been in the thick of it. So, if real estate organizations want to gain inspiration to thrive in this industry, King Real Estate Group should be placed firmly in sight.

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