Har Ghar Tiranga campaign is an elaborate expression of pride and patriotism of every Indian citizen. Discover the reasons why we must join?


It is said that each day is a new opportunity to change obsolete things for the betterment with obstinate efforts. The Indian government is following this theory extraordinarily, using modern ways to instill patriotism in citizens with excitingly appreciable initiative such as this Har Ghar Tiranga. Filling people from all states with different dialect, languages and political inclinations with newly invented alacrity is a prime purpose to help them establish a personal relation with the Indian flag and glorify its pride this month to celebrate and commemorate the 75th Independence Day and the glorious history of India, its people, heroes, and achievements. This Initiative has been launched by home minister Amit Shah under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, urging people of India to bring Tiranga home and hoist it in their homes sensing a personal connection with the flag and patriotism, awakening the nation, filling their dreams of good governance, and development.

Aim of the campaign –

Tiranga has always been an institutional symbol for the citizens so far. Therefore, there have been some limitations for them that were not easy to cross. Due to the lack of clear information about the rules pertaining to the flag, we all have respected it from distance, and failed to establish any personal relation with it. Although Tiranga has always been absolute patriotism for us, yet it shared only an occasional connection with people. So, in order to create a personal relation with Tiranga amongst citizens, the govt of India has come up with this excellent initiative aiming to invoke the feeling of patriotism and individual rapport of people with the flag.

Privilege for every Indian

Who didn’t yearn to hoist Tiranga at schools, departments, and other institutions? We all have always wanted to get a chance to hoist the flag and stand in a solider like position with a gesture of salute whispering national anthem. Although it’s just ended up being a desire for all us till now. We even wondered why it is not allowed to bring a flag home and do it like prime minister. Many of us have been informed about the rules of Indian law for the flag, and this information was sufficient to harm our excitement and we all unwillingly ended up having a distant relation with Tiranga and continued so far. However, now this privilege to hoist Tiranga at our homes has been gifted by the govt. With same old fervor, we are being prepared to live those glorious moments filled with patriotism and celebrate Independence Day grasping the purpose of patriotism, and nation-building, and dedicate ourselves for the betterment of this nation. Additionally, we prepare new generation so patriotically to connect with national roots and strengthen the sense of pride and unity amongst them.

Pummeling dangerous sentiments of treason

In last few years, Tiranga is mainly being used to protest against the govt in India by all the liberal elements covertly linked to some political parties that are badly addicted to power. Thus, Tiranga has even mutilated and insulted umpteen times during this phase of modern perks of protests. On Republic day, the protesters disguised as farmers contrived ruckus in the capital being indirectly supported by political parties and anti-national elements, the tricolor was removed from Lal kila and replaced with a religious flag to provoke the govt and showcase their clear intentions of breaking India on the pretext of preposterous protests. Oftentimes, Tiranga has been burnt and trampled by the so called mature but psychologically disturbed old students of some famous institutions surviving on stipends and monthly wages for their road side protests. With a goal to squelch these sentiments of treason and anti-India propaganda, the govt is attempting to ignite patriotism in this generation so that hidden elements fail to infect a vast part of the population with unfair sophistry about danger hovering over communities.

This year, Tiranga will be flying everywhere and the entire country will be brimming with sheer nationalism. All people will be privileged to hoist the flag at their homes, and even the students with unfiltered knowledge about the importance of nationalism shall learn about patriotism and why there is a responsibility of nation building and its prosperity residing on their shoulders. These visuals will certainly be dangerous for anti national elements thriving in media, Bollywood, political parties and pseudo-secular and liberal lobbies. Har Ghar Tiranga will surely thwart all anti national agenda going rapidly in our country.

A fresh sense of unity and inclusiveness –

After the announcement of this campaign, the Prime Minister Modi has also cordially urged people to change their display picturesand add Tiranga on all social media platforms propelling this campaign to new heights with such an interesting way of communicating with people and connecting them equally with the purpose. The ministries, ministers, actors, social figures, and other political parties have followed the instructions of the Prime Minister and joined the campaign. However, there is also some shocking yet amusing things to notice during this campaign. One of them is, those who never lose any chance to use Tiranga for justifying their slyness and political agenda if named in any scam or unconstitutional action, are nowhere to be seen now. Their patriotism is still sleeping in their Gucci bags and piles of Indian notes raided by ED. It’s definitely not worth discussing at this moment. As the entire country is diving into this elixir of change, development and unity being directed by Prime Minister Modi.

Despite different colors, different languages, different cultures and different stores, one flag is presenting us as one. All the differences are dull in the light of our national identity which wear three colors and flies with glory. With Tiranga on our DPs, we are the one. It’s amazingly satisfying to see Tiranga on social media, pervading the entire country with a fresh sense of unity and inclusiveness. From Lal chowk Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari, only Tiranga is presenting Indians. For the first time, we Indians are going to feel a real personal connection with Tiranga unlike before, and celebrate this festival of one identity, unity and inclusiveness on 75th Independence Day together blithely hoisting it collectively and salute our real heroes, dedicating our energy for the development and harmony of this nation.

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