The future of business and commerce will be reshaped by the blockchain, NFTs, and web3. Due to Colton Ropson’s innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, Headline has become a market leader in web3. Headline is a full-service web3 marketing agency that works with leading brands, artists, and creators worldwide.

Colton was responsible for developing marketing strategies for his company as a business owner. This led him to become interested in web3 marketing. As a seasoned crypto investor, Colton was no stranger to web3, the next iteration of the internet that looms on the horizon. It was not surprising to him that he had a good understanding of how blockchain technology works. His crypto investment also included Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which have proven to be the most lucrative form of investment with regard to crypto over the past few years. Colton then started exploring different applications of NFTs and came across a reality where companies were looking to transition their marketing into web3.

He spent 15 months exploring web3 and its culture and technologies. Through exploring the culture and technologies of web3, he became more interested in exploring solutions to offer companies and brands a new approach to exposure through authority based on blockchain technology, thus emphasizing decentralization of information, AI integration, and digital ownership for creators. Taking advantage of opportunities, Colton founded a company with over 55 clients called Headline, a multimillion-dollar web3 marketing agency. During the early days of Web 2.0, he realized the importance of web3 marketing, and companies were looking for ways to transition from web2 to web3 since consumers and the market were shifting importance to ownership and decentralization.

Headline’s innovative approach and mindset make it a leader in web3 marketing. He realized early on that the web3 sector is full of Fortune 500 brands, blockchain-based gaming, NFT exchanges, and DEFI financial products. The marketing agency he founded aimed to connect artists, creators, and brands with tomorrow’s consumers effectively.

As the Headline brand aims to become a market leader, Colton, who has previously worked with thousands of influencers across various platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, and more, generates over 100M impressions, is on the verge of achieving that goal. He has successfully developed and managed marketing campaigns for two-time NBA-All-Star Andre Drummond and the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA). He has also been involved in strategic partnerships with Hugo Boss, Liquid IV, MANSCAPED, etc. Super Coffee, Goli, C4 Energy, Pair of Thieves, and Legends Athletic Brand. Aside from these roles, he has also consulted for major consumer packaged goods companies as well as for direct-to-consumer brands.


Colton is regarded as one of the most important builders in Web3, a serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and social media figure. For all businesses and consumers worldwide, the web3 space has great potential. As one of the most creative, reputable, and influential web3 entrepreneurs, Colton and Headline are providing clients with parabolic results.

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