Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 14th August– 20th August 2022

Love and Relationships

For love and relationship-related matters, the week might not be so promising. For couples, the emotional equations with their partner may get disturbed due to the temperamental nature of anyone or both. It is advised that you should spend quality time with your partner and resolve the issues. However, in the case of singles, there are chances that they may come across their ideal match.


It is important you take care of yourself and your health during this week, says your stars. This may not be a good period as far as health and fitness are concerned. Your mental health might be affected, which can lead to unhappiness. There are possibilities of anxiety and depression. Do yoga and meditation to reduce stress and remain healthy.


A good increase in income flow is likely to happen. Some major financial gains are on the cards. There are also chances of earning passive income from multiple sources. Your past investment would also come into the run and benefit you with unpredicted financial gains. Rather than increasing your expenses, this could be the right time to do some savings and investment. Adore the flow.


You may see many new opportunities knocking on your doors in business and employment. Venus is well-positioned this week, giving you an upper edge in the house of profession. The transits are likely to bring you great rewards and recognition. There is a great likelihood of the Aquarians exploring new business avenues. Those looking for a job change may find the perfect opportunity they have been long waiting for.


Keep your expectations low, and do not expect something extraordinary to happen. This week may not be favourable for studies and academics. Hard work might be needed if you wish to make progress on the academic front. It is advised to remain focused on your learning and not get distracted. Don’t get disheartened, as your hard work may surely pay off in the future.

The Week’s Overview

Natives of the Aquarius sign may enter the new week with fresh energies. This week may help you earn monetary gains. You may invest in gold ornaments or jewellery items. Teachers who are dealing with more queries are likely to see some respite this week. Natives should be careful about their words and attitude. Or else, you may lose your temper and spoil the relations with your close ones. Harsh words are likely to create more trouble for you, so you must refrain from using them. You are advised to maintain a calm and sorted attitude. Also, you should be attentive to your health as elders may complain of blood pressure fluctuation this week. You should perform meditation and yoga to maintain your pink health. This may help you to keep calm and observe patience. Slowly you may improve your communication skills and may regain your focus. Your horoscope predicts that you would be surrounded by hopes and positive vibes. Natives are likely to be energetic, and this may have a positive impact on your performance. Career-wise, Aquarius aspirants may find the right path to achieve their educational goals. Professional workers may be required to discharge their responsibilities with utmost care. Your planning and execution strategy is likely to come to your rescue. Your superiors may show interest in your work and ideas. Aquarius natives are likely to spend quality time with their friends and family this week.

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