Boycott trend is an economical disaster continuously shaking Bollywood, but superstars are still lost in their reveries of stardom and haughtiness and threatening the audience.

Bollywood is indeed on the cusp of economical disaster as the boycott culture against Bollywood movies has intensified so powerfully that even the superstars known for their stardom and back-to-back box office successes are seen floundering to maintain their stardom as the viewers are vigorously boycotting these actors whose tantrums are still on the 7th heaven. This decline of Bollywood is the reaction of the viewers as the south Indian film industry has exhibited its power to rule the world with movies like RRR and KGF, the audience is no longer relying on the ballyhooed Bollywood copied crap. There are multiple reasons behind this boycott culture which we must ascertain.

The advent of boycotting Bollywood –

The news of a popular actor Sushant Singh Rajput committing suicide in Mumbai irked entire country and started boycott culture against the entire Bollywood. As the case became an intriguing headline in the country, it quickly began to expose the entire film industry and its rancor against the outsiders. The dark secrets of Bollywood were disclosed one by one, and the behavior of Bollywood actors hissing behind the curtain, speaking against the ones who came out to expose the industry and undiscovered reality behind this suicide or murder. Bollywood is like a well-designed glitzy den filled with demons lurking those people who refuse to bow down and dabble into sodomy to impress directors and producers. Knowing how outsiders who toil so hard to get an opportunity to showcase their talents, are treated by these people rooted deeply in the industry, people began to boycott this industry, implying that the audience has more options than watching films with propaganda and invisible secularism made purposefully to gladden one community.

Penchant for anti-Hindu content –

Bollywood has always been a well-decorated fountainhead for inventing one-sided secularism, and an unbelievable fantasy world. As a result, the industry has been producing hateful content targeting Hinduism in the garb of activism, secularism, and liberalism, as directed by Islamic links ruling entire industry. This targeted hatred and insult of the Hindu faith engraved in Bollywood went unnoticed for years because there was no fear of any reaction from Hindu community as the political and social impact was too heavily secular for Hindus to see this threat. Since the political environment changed in 2014, and Hindu organizations became more aware of such content and began to take action legally. Consequently, Bollywood has deliberately instigated Hindu audience due to their haughtiness, and its penchant for anti Hindu content never ceased. Later on, loud voices for boycotting these anti Hindu films and actors who are unable to control their mouths and routinely disrespect Hinduism for a certificate of secularism, have been raised vigorously which Bollywood couldn’t manage to hear until big films collapsed at the box office after the boycott Bollywood trends.

Political infection –

It’s axiomatic that Bollywood has a hidden nexus with the underworld and its political inclination is always decided by the hidden masters that’s why anti-Hindu content was propelled with an aroma of secularism. Their obstinate efforts to create something provocative against one community and religion are now visible by the behavior of actors and actresses on Twitter. The Bollywood industry is infected by Islamic politics and communism, although only communism is orchestrated as it is considered to be modern and progressive under which any insult can be served in theaters. Actors shamelessly attack Hindu faith, culture and rituals for propaganda designed by political parties, and their ilk supports them whenever outrage occurs. Conspiracies are wickedly planned to influence elections and these so-called nonpolitical actors defame the ruling party to fetch support from other political parties for their personal benefits. This political infection has also impacted interest of people in Bollywood films, and a huge number of irked viewers joined boycott.

The obnoxious demeanor of over smart actors –

2022 has evidently been a year of astounding success and worldwide recognition for south Indian industry while Bollywood movies tanked at box office repeatedly. Evenballyhoo Bollywood actors try to make a movie hit failed disastrously. However, actors and directors involved more in politics than films, are seen deriding the audience disdainfully with some cheap and frivolous statements like director Anurag Kashyap said that audience doesn’t have money to watch his films, as his latest movie failed to get a single successful day at box office. The collection of RRR and other south movies must have kept him awake after giving this risible statement.

Recently, while talking to a reporter, Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu basically known for her political tweets infused with hypocrisy and cheap sense of humor, mockingly urged people to start trend to boycott her movie Dobaara which couldn’t attract audience even on first day, shows were cancelled. What is more amazing, is nobody even gave a single damn to boycott her movie. Later on, to hide box office embarrassment she tried to blame audience for not being intelligent enough to understand her movie. How ridiculous! That’s the problem with Bollywood. This attitude of derisive superiority and chutzpah is sabotaging this industry economically.

Sanctification of Bollywood –

Cinema has been polluted by political influence of actors. Their main focus is always on injecting an agenda into films, and label it creative. Be it secularism, or the glorification of ruthless Islamic rulers and terrorists. It has been a popular identity of Bollywood for decades, the efforts to justify terrorism, and show a distorted view of events are still being made in Bollywood in which Pakistan is shown as the most peaceful and friendly country, and terrorists are shown as heroes who help poor after killing people. This disgusting propensity of Bollywood is also a reason for the economical damage caused by the endless boycott culture.

I believe it’s the time for Bollywood to abandon its conceit and admit that the audience is the only king, everything else is just an iridescent sheen of illusionary superiority shown by actors and actresses. The glamour, stardom, popularity, everything diminishes when audience’s wrath explodes. Facts can’t be ignored that this call to boycott Bollywood has extensively strengthened other flourishing industries while it damaged Bollywood structure. Therefore, sanctification of Bollywood is the need of the hour.

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