A 30-year-old entrepreneur who is committed to offering consumers high-quality products and services, Redouan El Hamdi became a successful entrepreneur

We are constantly astounded by the amount of time people waste looking for magical shortcuts to entrepreneurship success and fulfillment when the only real route is right in front of them: real entrepreneurs who launch real businesses that employ real people and offer real goods and services to real customers. Entrepreneurs create and expand their ideas in addition to taking important business-related decisions.  A lot of effort and dedication are required to launch and grow a business. Redouan El Hamdi is a fantastic model for ambitious business owners who are prepared to devote themselves to their idea, nevertheless.

Redouan El Hamdi is a serial entrepreneur whose training and expertise have allowed him to succeed in both traditional and emerging markets. When done properly, expertise in one area can be transferred and used in other, unrelated businesses to produce new products that the world might require. Redouan El Hamdi was born in Dortmund, Germany, and graduated from FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management with a bachelor’s degree in international business management. After working for many businesses, Hamdi concluded that his calling was to improve people’s lives, which required him to work for himself. He works with his team to find creative solutions to any problems his customers may have.

He experienced great success by expanding his company to a considerable size. Redouan El Hamdi gained a wider perspective from his interactions with numerous powerful and accomplished people while serving as an international business consultant for various businesses and carrying out projects in Dubai, Morocco, and Germany. His marketing skills and analysis made him a famous entrepreneur. Though he had to work hard to accomplish this level of achievement, he never lost his hopes of achieving all this success one day. In his journey, he undoubtedly took countless calculated risks to get his brilliant idea to its current status. 

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