Travelling On A Budget – 6 Hacks For Saving Money On Your Dream Vacation

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There is no two-way to travel on a budget – you’ve got to save for it and take advantage of valuable offers. You want to see the world and experience new places like everyone else. But sometimes, you don’t have a big budget like some privileged world citizens. You can either forfeit the vacation and choose another location or take your resilience to another level by saving for your trip.

People have been known to look for creative ways to fund their travelling dreams. Certain individuals have an eye for numbers and a profound interest in gaming. If that’s you, deciding to play slots online to fund your vacation dreams could be an option.

You could do several other things to achieve your goal of going on that dream vacation. This article will provide some practical tips to help you along this line.

6 Hacks For A Budget-Friendly Dream Vacation

It’s a dream vacation because you’ve wanted to get on it for a while now. You can do it right this time by starting to save early and considering the following:

1. Create a Budget of All You’ll Need

You can start saving blindly, but that won’t help anyone. Your saving attempts need to align with a budget. How do you do this? Simply create a spreadsheet. This can be a digital or paper spreadsheet. Just input all the costs you think you’d incur to have a 100% stunning vacation. You can start with a flight ticket, although you may want to consider driving to the location if it’s within driving distance.

You should also include the cost of lodgings, feeding, payment for tours, sightseeing, beer at the restaurants, essential feeding, and everything else a trip will cost you. You must set your budget based on empirical evidence to be on the safe side.

Confirm what the hotels, flights, food, drinks, and other expenses will cost before inputting a number. You may inflate your budget by 10%, especially if your vacation will happen in two or three months, and the cost of things may have increased.

2. Create a Savings Goal

Now that you know what your target is, create a goal. You can start saving daily if you earn every day. It can also be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly; whatever works for you. This would be your best shot at having a great saving habit. You’d get to save as much as you can afford, and you can use savings apps for these. Several banks and Fintechs offer these services; some will add interest after reaching your savings target.

It’s cool to start small, but if your income is consistent and you’d love to save for the vacation, automate your savings. Your bank app or savings app should have this feature. With automated savings, you’ll get a debit of your set amount at a certain period. This may be weekly or monthly until the end of your savings cycle. This will be an efficient way to save for your budget vacation without sweating.

3. Think About Ways to Cut Shopping

This may be difficult as most people going on vacation want to spend. However, you need great discipline if you’re travelling on a budget. You need to save on the food you buy, and you can do this by packing snacks, fruits, and other sustainable edibles before you leave your home.

Buying snacks outside may be more expensive than making yours, especially if you’re travelling with your family or a group of people. So cut costs by baking or taking fruits with you.

You should also reduce the number of clothes you buy if you’re fond of buying new clothes a week after they hit the stores as this will help you save more. You can as well cut costs by reducing your fast food consumption. This is helpful before and during the vacation. You’d get to spend less on a solid meal if you’re preparing it yourself.

4. Sell Some of Your Things

Thinking of selling your properties may make your toes curl, but you’d be surprised to discover that there are many things you no longer need lying around your house. Start from your wardrobe. There are possibly a lot of clothes you no longer wear. If you find clothes you’ve not used in six months or a year, it’s time to sell them off.

You can sell on thredUP, eBay, Poshmark, and several other digital thrift stores. You can also take them to the thrift store near you and sell them for a reasonable price. Selling these will provide money for a sole purpose – your dream vacation. You can also do this with furniture, home decor, old phones, books, shoes, or jewels.

5. Find Cheap Travel Deals

One of the ways to travel on a budget is to use cheap flight deals. You need budget-friendly airlines if you’d need to take a flight. While it may be difficult to access them, you can use apps and websites that compare flight rates. You can also travel with discounts and enjoy promotional offers, but you must be strategic and plan the trip for the days they offer those attractive promotions. If you want these promotions in your inbox, sign up for emails.

Airlines and flight comparison websites will always update you on promos to leverage for your trip, which can be a chance to cut costs and travel on a budget. You can also do the same for hotel bookings in a target city, as this will help reduce overall travel costs.

6. Avoid Taking a Flight if You Can

You don’t need to get on that flight if you’re travelling to the next state or a location close to your abode. Flying is extremely convenient, but it can be costly, and you don’t need to incur that cost if you’re travelling on a budget.

It’s okay if you want to enjoy the flight experience, you can book a flight on your way back. But while going, consider driving yourself. You can even get on buses or take a train to the location. If you can access your dream vacation destination by road, get on a road trip. The long trip is a way to see other places. You can stop on the way to relax your legs, but it would be a fun ride if you have your music, snacks, and an open heart to explore new places.


Cutting costs while going on your dream vacation is a way to have a more fulfilling trip. This is because you won’t be taking a vacation loan and incurring debt. You’ll also go home absolutely satisfied that you pulled something off without breaking the bank. To achieve your dream of going on that vacation this year, you can try hacks like; creating a budget and a savings goal, cutting on shopping, selling off unnecessary stuff, finding cheap travel deals, and dumping the flight for alternative and cheaper transportation methods. You can get started now, and you’d be surprised how far you can come.

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