Sindhi Hindus are Living in Hell in Pakistan: 4 Heartbreaking Recent News

I don’t usually share ‘news’ on this column as I already run a news platform, NYK Daily, where my journalists write it all. However, some harrowing crimes are happening against the very same people who worship the same gods as us – our Sanatani brothers and sisters in Pakistan are suffering, and there’s a genocide that has not seen a front page of a news platform. The media has ignored this, and we must let the world know what Pakistan wants to whitewash. Read the next slides, share them, and let the world know what Hindus went through in the past few days in Pakistan. Remember, you don’t have the right to remain silent anymore; if you don’t speak out now, you’re failing the world’s oldest civilization.

1) There’s no Hindu Graveyard anymore.

Like most of the other places in Pakistan, in Tandoallahyar, Sindh, locals have encroached and partially destroyed the Hindu crematory ground (Shmashana). Now Hindus don’t even have a resting place after they die in Pakistan because around 78% of Hindu crematory grounds have been destroyed in the last eight years. Hindus are unable to take possession of their burial place. Anti-Hindu elements in Pakistan are not even letting Hindus die and integrate with nature.

2) Pakistan Families have enslaved Hindus

At Tando Ghulam Ali, Sindh, Pakistan, Hindu Family members of Bhuromal Kohli were illegally held as enslaved people in a private prison by Muslim Landlord Choudhary. They were released with strong afforts of Shankar Meghwar, an advocate. Sadly this is not an isolated incident, and there have been numerous incidents of Hindus being kept in cages by landlords in Pakistan and made to do labor work free of cost. They’re often beaten and not adequately fed.

3) Another Hindu girl is missing

In Karachi, Pakistan, Hindu girl Aishwarya (23) has been reported missing from the Punjab Chowrangi area. Again, this is not an isolated incident. Hindu girls are routinely kidnapped, sold, converted, forced, and killed in Pakistan. There are over 700+ reported Sindhi Hindu girls who were kidnapped in Pakistan in the last three years alone.

4) Mystery Surrounding Death of a Hindu Couple

In Rajad, Khipro, Sindh, Hindu couple Naina and Balam Bheel were mysteriously found unconscious. After a few hours and unsurprising delays, they were later admitted to taluka Hospital Khipro where Naina Bheel was declared brought dead and her husband Balam still unconscious. Witnesses say anti-Hindu elements attacked them during a Pooja in their home and stole all murthies from their place.

Painful? This is what happened in the past few days. CAA could’ve saved them all, but the rioters didn’t let the government implement it properly. I am tired of reading this news, and I am sure you’re too. But isn’t Instagram a social media platform that has the power to overturn governments and transform the world into a better place? I hope we can all move the needle and compel the world to talk about this by exposing Pakistan.

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