Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 3rd July– 9th July 2022

Love and Relationships

From the start of this week, the people of your zodiac are likely to get a period of ups and downs in personal relations. On the second day of the week, you might be interested in relationships. Again, in the last few days of the week, someone might say something bad to you. Good results might be seen in the latter part of the week.


During this week, you might be engaged in trying to increase your physical strength. Regular exercise and workout would be in mind. Make sure you continue as you can get distracted. The health might remain pleasant in the week. Similarly, during the week, you might continue to understand the importance of health. Maintain fitness for a better upcoming future.
This week is a great opportunity to appreciate your health and job. You may start a walking regimen with friends. Spending time with your family and engaging in recreational activities may strengthen bonds. Old health issues may be dealt with. You are advised to be cautious about your health and visit a doctor and avoid sleeping late for your health.


At the beginning of the week, natives of the Scorpio zodiac might be engaged in achieving goals. In the second week of the month, the means of income might be favourable to increase your profit. But at the end of the week, there might be signs of a lot of increase in financial inflow. Make sure you save a good amount for a better future.


From the first day, you are likely to go ahead and move on in the fields of career and business. Gradually, there might be an increase in career and business sectors, but there might be mixed results again in a few days. If you have an elder sibling, they can be your guiding light and give you some important business advice.


Your academics will be on an uprise. You will not just maintain the focus on your studies but will also garner good knowledge, which may help you in your future growth. The transit of Sun will improve the scope of learning for medical students. Though there is a very good scope of academic growth and success, nothing is possible without sincerity and hard work.

The Week’s Overview

This week will be generally fruitful for you. There will be romance in the married life of married people and they will move forward with romance. People living a love life will consider themselves lucky this week, as your beloved will take care of you. In such a situation, your love life will progress well. Right now you can be very aggressive about something and can take a fight with the wrong person. Try to do everything carefully, otherwise there may be trouble. Pay attention to your consistency.Stay away from any kind of intoxicant, as you can get addicted to it. The week will be very good for traders. They will get a lot. Your income will be good and business will also grow. For employed people, this week will be better than before. Right now you have to focus on your work, so that your mind is not engaged in unnecessary things and you can focus on your work. Talking about the students, you will feel like studying now.There will be a voice from the heart to move forward in studies and you will get good results related to studies. From the health point of view also, there is no special problem. However, do not ignore minor ailments and get them treated properly. Beginning of the week will be good for travel.

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