When leaving for work, no one ever thinks about meeting unfortunate circumstances at their workplace that might end up costing their lives.

What if the place caught fire, got attacked by terrorists, received a parcel containing bomb, or something even deadlier? Every employer and employee should know how to deal with the threats and risky scenarios to help themselves as well as their companions.

Bo Mitchel is the founder of three of the most important companies that are assisting a wide variety of businesses and organizations to learn how to deal with disaster management. This is part of his mission to assist all types of organizations in becoming better equipped to handle security threats. These companies’ names are as follows:

  1. 911 Consulting®
  2. 911 Expert
  3. 911 Headcount®

The mission behind these companies is to “Make America Safer One Workplace at a Time.”

Employer in the U.S.:

  • Has a duty of care to protect all personnel in their workplace.
  • Is required by federal law to create an Emergency Action Plan no matter what its size or business mission.
  • Is required by federal law to train all employees on that EAP annually and at hire no matter what their size or business mission.
  • Is urged to exercise their EAP.

As the founder of these services, Bo Mitchell is assisting employers all over the United States in becoming better equipped to defend themselves. This is how his various services and companies are making a difference:

911 Consulting® – Protecting People, Property, and Your Posterior from Disasters, Recovery, Business Continuity, Crisis Communications, and Pandemics.

911 Consulting offers emergency preparedness services, training, and drills/exercises to businesses of all sizes, allowing them to protect their employees, property, and even their bottom line.

911 Consulting assists employers in covering their backside. Every workplace is required by federal, state, and local laws to meet specific emergency preparedness standards. Attorneys and bureaucrats pounce when an organization is not in compliance and is hit with an event. 911 Consulting assists employers in complying with all applicable regulations in order to reduce their risk.

The company looks for potential incidents and emergencies. The most common workplace emergencies are medical events, workplace violence, bomb threats, and fires. When a facility is located near a major highway, railway, or port, the level of risk for toxic spills and other threats is assessed.

Walk-throughs and assessments of offices, corporate campuses, high-rises, factories, warehouses, medical facilities, and school campuses have been conducted for industries such as finance, communications, manufacturing, education, food processing, not-for-profit, international shipping, defense contracting, insurance, and health care, among others.

They put their recommendations into action. Unlike many consulting firms, they do not hand over a list of recommendations and then walk away but instead, continue to work. 911 Consulting implements the custom emergency plan, which includes training, drills, and exercises. When available, they collaborate with internal resources to maximize efficiency.

911 Consulting works within the culture of the organization. Even if you have the best emergency plan in the world, if it contradicts the organization’s culture, no one will follow it. 911 Consulting ensures that their clients’ plans are culturally compatible.

911 Expert

Providing an expert in emergency management in preparation for a lawsuit, deposition, or trial.

911 Expert specializes in proceedings involving failure to plan and failure to train. 911 Expert treats everyone equally, and whether their clients are the defendant or the plaintiff, they are here to provide the expertise required.

911 Expert also provides legal advice on all legal issues pertaining to emergency response planning, training, exercises, and drills for:

  • Any and All Areas of Emergency Response
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis Media/Communications Management

911 Headcount

The organization operates a two-way Mass Emergency Notification System. In any emergency, the 911 Headcount System is the first and only patented, automatic two-way triple redundancy Mass Emergency Notification System that you can launch and manipulate on the fly to account for employees, visitors, and contractors.

The 911 Headcount System is so unique that it is patented; no other system allows you to account for all of your people on the run. Mitchell created it in direct response to the needs of clients, who were looking for an emergency notification system that would ensure there would never be a breakdown in communications during an emergency.

About Bo Mitchell

For 16 years, Bo Mitchell served as the Police Commissioner of Wilton, Connecticut. He retired to found 911 Consulting, which develops emergency, disaster recovery, business continuity, crisis communications, and pandemic plans, as well as training and exercises for organizations such as GE headquarters, Hyatt headquarters, MasterCard headquarters, five colleges and universities, and 26 secondary schools. He works in facilities from London to San Francisco for clients with headquarters from Boston to Los Angeles. Bo holds 22 certifications, including those in homeland security, EM, DR, BC, safety, and security. He also serves as a national expert witness in landmark court cases.

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