Leo Weekly Horoscope 3rd July– 9th July 2022

Love and Relationships

Leo horoscope this week may bring in a lot of changes around your lifestyle. Unmarried Leo natives may get proposals. Singles may find their soulmates, and people with no friends may find a new acquaintance. However, if you want to stay single by choice, you may still enjoy the week pretty well. Make it a definite point this week to approach the person you have emotional feelings for.


This week may look like a delicate week in terms of health. In this process of getting along with your health, you need to stay focused on your mental and physical health. In addition to this, you also need to figure out how to get a mentor who can help you with any healing practices like reiki could be good therapy.


For better monetary gain this week, you may try finding a way to put your socialising skills to use. Try seeking credit only if it’s indispensable and if a bigger picture is in the project. You may invite trouble against your idea of an ideal financial solution to any problem. Keep your bank balance green, and your finances are good to go.


Do not make hasty decisions regarding your career. However, as the week proceeds, you may see how you start to fall into your predictions. You may take up projects in foreign countries. As a business person, you might even get clearance for contracts of government projects. Nevertheless, with great work, significant responsibilities are due to come your way. Try keeping this possibility in your mind.


With passing days this week, students may show lesser interest in creative arts and more interest in academics. Sports individuals may miss out on opportunities to stay present at higher-level studies. Moreover, overconfidence may let you stay away from the tasks at hand. Your efforts and hard work may help you improve your learning and increase your focus on further studies abroad.

The Week’s Overview

Enjoyment is the word towards which the stars are focusing for you this month. Many of you may devote constant time and attention towards your family. This may make it a happier place. Family members may feel happy to play their roles and perform duties. A difficult situation may arise as you may not satisfy the needs of the children. Self-control is the best medicine for many problems. So, you may try to control your eating and drinking habits to avoid problems for yourself and your wife and children. The best way to overcome the problems that you may be facing is to make yourself aloof from all the things and analyze the things. Long trips are on the cards, and you may be accompanied by your friends and enjoy each other’s company. A bit of advice is to plan properly regarding the expenses during the trip so that finances do not create a problem later on.
Words once spoken cannot be brought back, so you may need to think twice before speaking about any of the family members. Newly married are advised to be careful. You are advised not to react to comments passed by others on the old styles of your partner as this may lead to a problem. Try to keep a balance in your relationship. Predictions by stars are showing a romantic week and in it, many of the unmarried may get good romantic proposals. In this relationship, you may get the support of friends who might bring you two together in society.
This week planets might be in your favour due to which you may earn instant money through the lottery. The second half of the week is predicting good finances. For some, it may turn out to be unlucky as their demand for loans may not be approved. Good week for many as they may gain money from investments that could be steady and high. You may not be able to gain long-term profits by investing again or by changing the investment structure. So think and invest as this may bring you down very badly. You may need to be alert in your payment regarding the insurance.
Many of you have a good network of connections, and upon that, your subject skills may place you in a higher position in the job, which may turn out to be profitable. A good time in the profession for surgeons and attorneys. For the businessmen, their business is likely to grow. The people who are self-employed in business may do good. People engaged in various sectors as public relations, human relations, management, telecommunication, IT, finance and the electronic sector may gain promotion and some may have monetary gains as well. Hard work done by many professionals are likely to get great benefits. Just take care to complete all tasks slowly so that your rushing may not make you regret it later.
Stars are positive in the case of the student’s life. The students who are appearing for competitive exams may get good ranks, and those planning to go abroad may get a chance for it. Some of you may not do well in competitive exams, and some may need to be paid special attention. The reading habit and your pre-knowledge may turn out to be helpful. Some of you might be worried about some old issues concerning your preparation for higher studies. The people who are planning to take up a professional test for certifying their credentials in hobbies may go for that as it is a good week.
The health of a sibling may be delicate. Renal, blood circulation, and liver-related health ailments may cause inconvenience. The health of maternal elders might be delicate. Pregnant women need to take extra care of their health. Also, the health of the child may be delicate, especially for the newborn. You are advised to take special care of them and make sure they are not affected by any kind of infection. While traveling, take care of your health. An adventurous journey is not advised at this point. You can be in some kind of trouble in the days to come.

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