Krishna is the quintessential shelter in this modern world deprived of spirituality for all the forlorn, tormented and broken souls craving real peace and joy

All human beings are consumed by despair in this material world where all kinds of people are desperately struggling to maintain all kinds of relationships – friends, partners, and family members. Shri Krishna, the eternal source of all joys, wisdom, and love, is purely an oasis of unfailing hope for all human beings. Ergo, the message of Gita serves to remind people that all joys, and real, perpetual sense of love, and meaningful life reside in Shri Krishna, inviting them to surrender themselves to attain what they are unstoppably questing for – peace. As a consequence, Mathura Vrindavan is turning into a sea of people who are unfathomably peaceful and celebrating their existence like a festival every day with an inexplicable perception of sheer tranquility. The causes of this lovely revolution of a significant life filled with endless glee in kalyug, must be ascertained meticulously.

Modernity without spirituality is a mirage

Living in a society driven by technical modernity, and being taught to adhere to its scientific theories for an envisaged good life, is at this point, becoming a prime priority in this generation. All are continually toiling to grab what their parents, relatives and celebs on Instagram tell them to be necessary in order to be capable of relishing a good life ahead. As a result, even many people manage to clinch success, despite a litany of failures. Along with it, expands the mind theories as to how to train a mind to be focused on success, happiness, and only positivity in life which seems bewildering in the end when the desired results are no where to be seen, eventually these theories end up sabotaging an entire belief system, landing people in a befuddled state where even positivity feels like a hoax.

At this juncture, new generation is deeply plunged into savage motivation that immensely emanates from accidental cringe content creators on Instagram whose confidence and motivation rely on the act of showing the middle finger. It is highly injurious to youngsters whose brains are fledgling. Although, such social media platforms are flooded with negative content disguised as modern content of entertainment, yet there are some inspiring people exhorting youngsters to grasp the meaning of life and showing the paths to inextinguishable light from the darkness of pain, fears, and failures.

Theories about a poised mind

One thing that tempts youngsters cordially to connect to them, is their ancient theories of calming a mind, unlike modern theorists who tend to believe in a theory of controlling the mind. Their efforts of instilling these powerful and extraordinarily effective tactics for a healthy mind in this century everywhere are worth lauding boisterously. It is why the world has weaved a stunning affinity with Hindu scripture– Bhagwat Gita, and willingly allowed Hare Krishna Hare Ram embed on every tongue, except radicals. Therefore, this revolution of peace and eternal joy is plainly emerging at an incredible velocity with the prominence of Hindu saints who are deepening their roots of faith and expanding their clinch over the mass, carrying a purpose to establish peace and a real sense of joy in the world that is twirling in conjectures of false joy created by people deracinated from spirituality.

As perceived by old people, our generation seems to be doomed as they have an unfathomable experiences and knowledge about the time. Old generation has explicitly seen this continuously altering society, things, and most importantly people that helped them deduce what new generations are going to face. However, new generations aren’t doomed, despite delicate touches of this confusing modernity, youngsters are vehemently intertwining with spirituality. Even amateur attempts of youngsters hankering to understand why one must remain connected to its culture and faith, are infact worth appreciating, and even parents encourage them for being able to master the arts of Indian saints known for their knowledge, poised demeanor and perpetual sense of happiness engraved in their humor.

Gita : a sea of wisdom

The more explicitly the essence of Gita is spreading, the more extremely youngsters are abandoning false hope and embracing real meaning of life, dabbling into the unquenchable thirst of love and delight that naturally comes when one melts in devotion. The monks of Iskcon have done tremendous work in debunking all false notions about devotion, especially the one that acclaims it brings destruction of material life and turns one into a devotee who deserts all even himself. All the monks Iskcon has produced, are sabotaging these ridiculous theories of a society, by showing what a monk can do for people as well as himself, doing all spiritual duties and material duties with the help of the teachings they are imparted on by their gurus.

Since this hazy conjecture has been wiped out, youngsters started to embark on their spiritual journey with a purpose to live an attachment-free life full of peace, and positive hope. It’s evident that spirituality calms a mind and then calmness infact unleashes its unknown powers. A healthy mind alleviates belligerence and anger which are prime factors of a disturbed life because these emotions are powerful enough to ruin one, and one’s all relationships. Currently, this is what is the main reason why relationships are becoming too complicated and difficult to manage, incessantly manufacturing intense pain and hopelessness in youngsters and adults as well. And eventually, even the world feels like an abyss to them. Not many manage to muster the courage to face these unexpected vagaries. So, gallows are hanging to stifle these young, immature souls. That’s when Gita wisdom helps one understand life and value it.

All quests stop in Krishna

Here is why, people who don’t have someone to understand their emotional and mental condition where hopelessness blurs their capability to see a way out, are attracted to plunge into Krishna consciousness. Although it’s a long voyage traversing all the events, yet there is a light in the end, powerful enough to obliterate all fears and allay the pain, freeing them from all chains of heartbreaks, and resentments life has given them. This mire of pernicious craving for love in people with unhealthy minds dries up. In this divine shelter, all are blessed with a delicacy of divine love within them, snuffing out smoldering desires for love in others. Mind is freed from false conceptions about love, joy, and ecstasy, burying them in oblivion and embracing eternal knowledge about love to live a beautiful life with someone who is also freed from manacles of toxic mentality and superficial love. Therefore, Krishna is truly a fountainhead of surreal euphoria whoinspires all to live freely and gleefully with others and make beautiful material connections that are healthy and strong in this world without any fear of loss, or regrets, only love and benignity. So, He is considered to be a caring friend of a friendless one, a lover for lovelorn, a father for orphan, a shelter for homeless and lost one, and a scintillating hope for all.

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