It is wonderful to have a comfortable home, to sleep well at night, to wake up in our comfortable beds every morning, to enjoy our favorite meals with our loved ones, and to breathe freely.

While many may not consider this a luxury, military personnel consider it to be far more than a luxury. This is what these courageous individuals crave every day. Despite this, they remain resilient and determined to provide a safe haven for those who take liberties for granted. Due to the strong military forces defending their homeland, people don’t have to worry about war or enemies attacking them.

Experiencing even a fraction of what soldiers endure daily could cause many people to lose their sanity. The moment they close their eyes for sleep, they know they might not wake to see the next day. These are the kinds of uncertainties they have to deal with.

The loss of a fellow soldier, imprisonment in a foreign land, getting lost in deep forests, close encounters with death, and witnessing the horrors of war are common reasons why military veterans return home broken, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Their time on duty leaves a lasting impression on them. Few people are able to return to civilian life after serving in the military, while others suffer for the rest of their lives. Many veterans believe taking their own lives is the cure for their pain because they are too broken to be fixed.

We should welcome military veterans as heroes after they have finished their service or retired. After serving their country for decades, they need support. The Bailey brothers, who run Classics for a Cause, a fundraising platform based in Australia, have devised a different approach to improving the lives of veterans.

The importance of taking care of one’s health cannot be overstated for veterans. Untreated mental illness, especially if left untreated, can lead to suicidal thoughts. As a result of Classics For a Cause, veterans have access to quality healthcare and health knowledge.


A veteran can raise money and win a classic car through Classics For a Cause. Classic car fans, the Bailey brothers decided to leverage their love of classic cars to benefit those in need, especially veterans who have dedicated their lives to serving their country. A classic car is given away every month by the platform. Besides offering discounts on car maintenance and restoration, this platform donates a portion of its profits to charity.

These brothers are able to channel their love for classics in the right way through this innovative approach to fundraising. Unlike other mainstream veteran organizations, this fundraising platform allows participants to do something they love while making this world a better place. The platform supports a number of veterans’ charities, including Heroes on the Homefront (HOTH), The Survive to Thrive Program, PTSD Dogs Australia, and Young Veterans.


Classics For Cause has donated over $1 million in its first ten months, a significant milestone for the company. Tom Bailey, co-founder and CEO, said, “We had never seen numbers like that before, and it was awesome to hit it after not even a year of operations. We knew we were onto something good and would make a huge impact.” Tom and Edward have big plans for this platform. When asked about the future of Classics, Tom stated, “we hope to donate over 10 million dollars to veteran charities and continue to help thousands of veterans every month with all their health needs. To give away over 40 classic cars a year back to our supporters.” He added, “we want to open five veteran super clinics in the Southeast Queensland area and help more veterans with their healthcare needs on a face-to-face basis. Build 10 more veteran medical vans and service veterans in rural and remote areas. Pattern and build 4 veteran hospitals to service veterans with higher clinical needs with inpatient and outpatient programs.”

Aside from giving away more cars than any other company, Classics also donates more to charity. Classics works directly with the charities to ensure they are helping Aussie veterans most effectively. There is no doubt that Classics For a Cause brings a whole new concept to fundraising, reducing veteran suicides in the country significantly.

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