Aries Weekly Horoscope 17th July– 23rd July 2022


Love and Relationships

In the companionship of your spouse, Venus and Mercury may provide happiness to the family. As a couple, you would spend valuable time together and renovate your home. Keep your lover near. Because of the Moon and Rahu transit, you may argue with your partner. Miscommunication might generate marital issues that require your attention. Harsh communication might cause problems. Plan a little vacation with your sweetheart.


This week’s health is ordinary. Jupiter transit suggests you may gain weight, so avoid rich and greasy foods. Hand and throat problems might occur. Steer clear of spiciness and Practice deep breathing and frequent exercise. This can relieve tension and anxiety. Practising thankfulness helps you overcome stress. You must watch your health. Aim to avoid work stress while eating.


Savings may suffer due to a lack of preparation and buying temptations. Expect no gain in family or company property. Unplanned travel or car repairs might be costly. This week may bring you a lot of financial gain from family and friends, but there would also be unexpected expenses. You may have unexpected medical costs too. It’s a business spending week. Home-related expenditures may be costly.


The transit of the Moon hints at a secret plot at work. Avoid office politics. Workplace results may be delayed. Polite and modest behaviour can help you succeed in work. Disagreement and burden in the company can be avoided with appropriate planning and communication. Discussions should be positive and peaceful. Businesspersons should not make new deals this week and should verify legal and financial transparency if necessary.


It’s a successful week. You would be happy with your school trips and functions. A simple journey with family members may bring you joy. Jupiter and Mars’s passage may provide academic success. This week’s study abroad strategy is going to be successful. In case you have a hectic schedule, a new course might benefit you. Analysis and verification might be crucial in your job.

The Week’s Overview

The conjunction of Venus and Mercury may bring happiness to your family, and your spouse’s company could be quite supportive and helpful. This week may give you time to spend with your partner, but because of the Moon and Rahu conjunction, you may experience harsh communication and hostility, which may lead to a fight with your partner. Try to be humble. Miscommunication is likely to cause issues in your married relationship that require your attention. The time you may take a short and sweet trip with your mate to gain a better understanding of your relationship.
Savings may get hampered due to a lack of forethought and the presence of purchasing temptations. So expect no profit in terms of family assets or business. Unplanned travel expenses or vehicle repairs may be incurred during this week. This week may also bring you a lot of financial gains and money returns from family and friends, but some unexpected expenses too. It’s possible that you may incur unexpected medical expenses. This week you may see a surge in company spending, and cash outlay for the office or your business. There may be financial costs associated with home-related issues. Changes in the interior could result in an expensive outlay.
The transit of the Moon is indicating that perhaps you should not reveal your plans at work. Avoid office politics as much as possible. There may be a delay in receiving the expected result at work. A polite and humble demeanour might help you project a positive image and achieve success at work. In business, there may be some conflict and workload, but with adequate planning and communicating the right plan and reasoning to your business partner, you may avoid these issues.
When having a conversation, try to avoid negative thoughts and have a calm attitude. This week, business people ought to avoid making new deals, and if they must, they should conduct thorough legal and financial due diligence.
Because there are various options, there is a risk of delusion; therefore, you should seek advice from an elder. Your mother’s advice could be quite beneficial to your studies. Even your teacher may provide helpful advice, and you might be assigned a mentor who is likely to steer you in the proper direction. Success is likely on the cards in project-related higher education.
The desired result may arrive slowly, but it will occur as a result of your hard work and effort. Students studying languages and research might be fortunate. A medical student’s project or internship could be successful. Those of you who will be taking a competitive examination must work hard in order to avoid making bad choices.
In terms of health, this week has been average. Jupiter’s transit indicates that you may be prone to gaining weight, so limit your intake of rich and oily foods. It’s possible that you may have problems with your hands and throat. Outside and spicy foods should be avoided. Deep breathing and exercise should be done on a regular basis. This can help you overcome tension and anxiety. Practice being grateful for what you have, as this can benefit you in overcoming stress.

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