Are US immigration lawyers free?

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It’s always exciting to venture into a new environment knowing that there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you just around the corner. For many, advancing their career overseas is a dream or a bucket list point waiting to happen, especially since the thrill resides in the prospect of meeting new people and being able to capitalize on your skillset.

If you’re planning to work in the US for a short period, you’ll need a Temporary Work visa. This visa is a permit which is applicable for individuals who want to stay or work in the United States for a set of reasons. However, you’re only allowed to stay for up to 12 months in the country to work and then depart after the validity period has expired.

Now, you probably know how complex US immigration laws can be. It’s because of this same reason that many people are holding back or are rather unsure whether it’s a good idea to pursue their careers abroad. In this case, you’ll find it useful to hire US immigration lawyers if you’re set to travel to the United States for a work opportunity. Professional immigration lawyers assist you throughout the immigration process by letting you understand the legal side of everything. They are also the ones who relay sound advice so you can make informed decisions that can help improve the chances of having your visa application approved.

 But while the benefits of hiring US immigration lawyers are recognisable, many are still hesitant to hire these experts since they don’t want to splurge on money. Most would rather figure it out themselves to save money instead of going through the better route. However, it’s worth remembering that even the smallest mistakes can result in a rejected application, so it’s still best to opt for the path worth investing your money in and guaranteeing you a convenient transfer to the US without the stress.

How much do US Immigration lawyers cost?

Generally, an immigration attorney charges around $150 to $300 per hour alongside a $75 to $150 fee for a 30-minutes consultation. On the other hand, legal assistance for filing basic forms in immigration can cost you up to $250 or $800, and green card assistance usually charges around $800 to at least $5000, depending on how much help you need. Not to mention the USCIS fees, which can amount up to $460 to $700.

Keep in mind that these prices significantly vary, and fees change depending on the time commitments and services that you require of them. For example, if you’re applying for a family visa, the steps involved in the process would be more direct as opposed to a deportation case. Since a deportation case tends to require more time, you can expect yourself to end up with more expenses than usual. There are plenty of scenarios that require the assistance of an immigration attorney, and each immigration case is distinct at the end of the day. That said, rates range widely depending on the variables present in your current circumstance.

As mentioned, immigration lawyers tend to charge an hourly rate from $150 to $300. However, there are also immigration lawyers that offer free consultations. Even so, many lawyers still charge an additional $50 to $100 for the first meeting alone before moving forward.

Factors that Affect Immigration Lawyer Cost

You can choose to complete the entire immigration process without having a legal representative, but best expect that you’ll be dealing with complicated stuff. If there’s a possibility of being separated or deported away from a significant other, it’s better to consider if your savings are worth taking the risk for – especially if you’re currently facing complex regulations, rules, and laws.

Here are the most common factors that tend to impact the expenses of an Immigration lawyer’s services.

  • Their level of experience
    It’s true that there are plenty of competent lawyers out there, but if you’re hiring a veteran immigration lawyer, they’re usually going to charge a higher rate. It’s worth noting that it’s better to go for reputable immigration lawyers since they guarantee better chances of having your application approved by all means.
  • Your Case
    Do you need the guidance of an expert to file forms efficiently and accurately? Do you need their help to represent you in court when it comes to criminal or deportation charges? The specificity of your case largely impacts the amount of rate they will charge you for.
  • Their location
    Some immigration lawyers cost more in different areas. For example, an experienced lawyer in Manhattan may charge lesser than the ones located in Texas. They may also charge extra fees depending on the state they are in.

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