YouTube Music’s web app now offers multi-select option


(IANS) Google-owned YouTube Music’s web app is adding a new feature that allows users to manage songs in bulk more easily, particularly when adding them to specific playlists.

As spotted by a Reddit user, the music streamer’s web interface now offers the option to select multiple songs in list views, reports Android Central.

The new functionality makes it easier to pick multiple items that users want to include in a playlist.

Users can do so by clicking the new checkbox on the right-hand side of a song in a list. Hovering over a title should bring up the checkbox, and they can manage as many items as they want.

YouTube Music’s web app interface will then display a few options at the bottom, including the ability to add selected songs to a playlist or play them after the current playback. An overflow menu also appears alongside these options, the report said.

Before the most recent change, users had to manually add a song to a playlist by clicking on the three-dot menu next to the thumbs up/down icons.

The overflow menu contains several options, such as adding a song to the queue or a specific library.

However, the feature does not appear to be widely available at the moment. It is currently only visible to a small number of users.

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