Larisa Popova – The Experienced Gemologist and Appraiser Sheds Some Light On Her Successful Career


Gemologists are scientists who study gems and precious stones. They work in various settings, from jewelry stores to research laboratories. Gemologists use multiple tools to examine gems, including microscopes and X-ray machines. They also use their knowledge of chemistry to identify the different elements that make up a gemstone. In addition to studying the properties of gems, gemologists also research their history and origins. Many gemologists also work as jewelers, appraisers, or buyers. Some even open their own jewelry stores. Gemologists must have a strong knowledge of both science and art in order to be successful in their field.

Larisa Popova, a gemologist, certified appraiser, and diamond polisher, recently opened Gems Expertise. This jewelry store offers services such as jewelry reports, pearl reports, colored gemstone reports, insurance appraisals, estate appraisals, advanced testing, laser inscription, recheck, stone marking, and verification. Hers is an all-in-one online jewelry report shop that promises to deliver accurate and reliable reports.

When it comes to your jewelry, an appraisal is just as important as insurance. In the event that something happens and you need to file a claim, you want to be sure that you are reimbursed for the full value of your jewelry. Yet, all too often, people put off getting their jewelry appraised until it is too late. Appraisals should be done every 2-5 years, or sooner if you have made any major changes to your collection (such as adding new pieces or redesigning existing ones). The best way to find a qualified appraiser is to ask for recommendations from your jeweler or other people you trust. Once you have names, be sure to check their credentials and ask about their experience appraising similar items. With a little effort, you can find an appraiser like Larisa Popova, who will give you the equanimity of knowing that your jewelry is fully protected.

Larisa Achievements

Larisa is a highly skilled diamond polisher who invented her own patented Lotus cut – a precision diamond cut with more than 105 facets that creates stunning brilliance. She has also developed a unique method of polishing rough colored diamonds to bring out their inner fire and maximize their color.

Larisa’s commitment to excellence and her passion for creating beautiful diamonds have made her one of the most valued names in the diamond industry. Her inventive cuts and creative polishings are famous amongst the gemologists.

Being an appraiser, Larisa also specializes in rare and luxurious goods. She has developed a unique method of evaluation that takes into account the item’s historical significance, artistic value, and rarity. This approach has helped her to accurately appraise items for collections all over the world. Larisa’s work has been featured in several publications, and she is considered an expert on the subject of rare and valuable items. In her role as an appraiser, Larisa has helped to bring new life to many collections by accurately valuing the items within them. With her unique approach to appraisal, Larisa has established herself as a leading authority on rare and luxurious goods.

In 2016, Larisa evaluated the Rainbow collection. She rented an office at the Diamond Bourse building in Antwerpen, Belgium, with her partner and tutor, Eddy Elzas, “King of the Colored Diamonds,” and the owner of DeBeers’ Rainbow collection worth $60 million. Eddy Elzas taught her everything she knows about gemology and colored diamonds, including how to polish rough colored diamonds to get the most color.

Larisa also evaluated a 32-carat Koi Diamond that belonged to Eddy Elzas Emmanuel Abramchuk, Rawstone Business Holding SA, Luxemburg. In Geneva, Malca Amit security home, she appraised a 555.55 carat Enigma Diamond in 2019.

Future of Gemology

There is no doubt that gemology is a vital scientific field with a long and intriguing history. For ages, people have been fascinated by the beauty of precious stones, and the study of gems has played an essential role in the development of many disciplines, from geology to anthropology. Today, gemologists like Larisa Popova are using modern technology to unlock the secrets of these fascinating objects. As our understanding of gems continues to grow, so does the potential for gemology to make a significant contribution to the world of science.

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