How to Add Creativity to Walls

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Do you want to add more color to your home but don’t know how to decorate your walls? If so, here are some creative ways to do it. Start by choosing a simple shape and painting it in a fun color combination. You can also try a sculptural form, such as a triangle. A sponge can be cut into a triangle shape, dipped into a different color, and then stamped on the wall in a precise pattern. Pre-planning may be necessary for this project.

Floating shelves

Adding floating shelves to your walls is a great way to create more creative storage space and add visual interest. Instead of buying a bulky bookcase that will take up precious wall space, you can add them instead. A floating shelf allows you to lean your things on top rather than slam them against the wall. You can experiment with different textures and colors to add visual interest to your composition. Floating shelves can even be painted to look like built-ins.

Floating shelves add versatility and create an open gallery wall. Using them with a gallery wall is a classic design choice, but can be difficult to rearrange if you change your mind. A floating shelf makes it easier to swap out pieces and create clean lines between different art. A floating shelf is also great for displaying your favorite accessories. Floating shelves make it easy to change your wall art without tearing up the wall.

If you’re looking to create a contemporary look, try installing floating shelves. They are great for displaying artwork, and don’t take up nearly as much wall space as traditional bookcases. They’re also perfect for displaying keepsakes and unique knick knacks. You can also use them to display art or special photos. So many options exist for floating shelves, and they’re fun to install.

Floating shelves are an excellent way to fill a wall that’s too large for standard cabinetry. They can look great in a coastal or farmhouse kitchen. Wood is a beautiful material, and floating shelves can enhance any decor scheme. If you don’t want to go with a traditional cabinetry, you can choose a set of white floating shelves in varying sizes. You’ll also find a set of shelves with three different sizes.

Triangle-shaped floating shelves add a textured look to a room. They’re ideal for holding light-weight items such as picture frames and jars of cotton swab. They can also be used to display home plants and wall art. Many wall shelves come with step-by-step instructions to ensure easy installation. There are many colors to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find a set that’s perfect for your home.


There are plenty of ideas for adding creativity to walls. One great option is to use colorful art mats or floor tiles. You can use either or both to make a geometrical design on your walls. To make this look more sophisticated, you can use masking tape to create thicker lines. For this type of project, you can also use bulldog clips, which are easy to put on the wall and swap out as needed. Then, simply hang your new art and enjoy the fresh look it gives your walls. You can also use a classic color such as pale blue. It looks cool and fresh in the summertime.

To add texture to the wall, you can use an interesting textile or fabric scraps to make your wall art. Another option is to add a decorative pendant to a single piece of art. Alternatively, you can draw scenery onto a large canvas and assemble it like a jigsaw puzzle. You can also buy a calendar with a different art design for each month and frame it. Using this technique, you can turn a blank wall into an art gallery!

When you have a large wall, you can hang smaller paintings on the sides of it to make it look more substantial. Alternatively, you can place two smaller paintings side by side to add some depth to the arrangement. The combination of two smaller paintings is a great way to make a large abstract canvas look even more dynamic. A soft landscape or a calm, serene image is also a nice addition to a white wall. You can even arrange prints of similar sizes in a grid pattern.


There are many ways to enhance the look of your walls, from stripes to geometric patterns. There are countless ways to create stripes on your walls, from horizontal to vertical, and from bold to subdued. You can even add a stencil to create an effect similar to watercolor stripes. Regardless of the style you choose, these simple tricks will add personality to your walls. Read on to learn how to paint your walls creatively!

A two-toned wall looks beautiful when you reverse the colours. Paint two-thirds of the wall one colour, and one-third the opposite colour. Then, hang the piece of art so that the lines match when you hang it. A contrasting colour makes a statement, and can add fun and personality to your living space. Paint your floors in bright, vibrant colours, too. You can also make your walls more exciting by adding some two-tone accents.

Bright colors make a room seem larger. However, if you don’t want to make the room look cluttered, go for a lighter shade instead. Bright colors are energizing, but may be too much in some rooms. The good news is that painting rules have changed considerably since the days of the 10-year-old “rules.” Today, you can use any color you like and still achieve a great look. Beginners can take advantage of the latest trends in painting and create a unique look for your room.

When choosing a paint color, try to match the hues to your room’s overall theme. You can use one hue to accent a feature wall, while another can add a splash of color. You should also consider the room’s focus, including the bed and sofa. Then, try to create a zone that surrounds these key areas of the room. This helps create an inviting atmosphere in the room.

You can make an impact on a small budget with paint. Using leftover paint is also a good option. There are many ways to make use of leftover paint. You can create a completely new look with paint in just a few hours! You can paint your walls in one weekend if you know how to do it. You can add a unique pattern or color to any room in your home, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Painting with intention

There are many ways to add creativity to your walls, including changing your medium from one medium to another. Changing your medium will force you to redefine what you want to paint, and it will also give you the chance to experiment with new ideas. If you’re not sure what you want to paint, try an eye test to see what’s distracting you. By doing this, you will be able to identify elements that are competing with each other. If you find that one element dominates your entire painting, consider removing it or toning it down.

If you want to focus attention on a specific area of your painting, choose one object as the focal point. The focus will draw the viewer’s eye and attention to it, so choose your focal point carefully. Make sure to choose the focal point early on in the process. Then, select colors that will compliment that focal point and help it stand out. For example, you may want to use yellows and reds to draw the eye to the center of the painting.

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