How Do Naturally Thin People Stay That Way?

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You might have wondered how do naturally thin people stay thin. The answer to this question depends on several factors. You can modify your eating habits to become lean. For example, you could try modifying what you order at a restaurant. You can also avoid putting off-limits foods, such as carrot cake. This would lead to cravings. By allowing yourself to eat carrot cake from time to time, you can satisfy your cravings.

Healthy eating habits

One key to staying naturally thin is to avoid emotional eating. Many people who have trouble controlling their weight turn to food as a way to de-stress and deal with stress. If this is you, make a list of activities that you enjoy and engage in to relieve your stress. These activities may include listening to music, taking a hot shower, or reading a book. Many people who struggle with emotional eating may also seek counseling for help.

Often, naturally skinny people have healthy eating habits. They eat slowly and rarely overeat. They also don’t indulge in food that contains high amounts of sugar. Eating too fast is not a good idea either, because it signals your brain that you’ve had enough and you’re full before you’re even finished. This may make you overeat if you aren’t careful.


The Genetics of Naturally Thin People – Are there specific genes that keep people thin? Researchers have looked into the genetic makeup of thin people and found some key clues. The ALK gene, for example, is linked with low weight gain in naturally thin people. In fact, mice genetically modified to lack the ALK gene were resistant to obesity. ALK is a gene found in many cancer patients, and there’s a strong possibility that it plays a role in naturally thinness.

Researchers at Cambridge University have discovered that some genetic regions are associated with being very thin. The study looked at the genetic makeup of 47,102 people. Researchers found that people with gene duplications on chromosome 16 have a BMI under 18.5. Despite the importance of this gene, the study also found that too many of the gene makes gaining weight difficult, while too few copies increases obesity risk by 40 percent. As a result, genetics of naturally thin people could explain some of the differences between fat and muscle mass.


It is a fact that natural thin people are more active than most people. However, there are certain tips that will make it easier for you to maintain your slim body. One such tip is to do as much physical activity as possible after a meal. Studies show that walking for at least an hour a day is beneficial for the body and is a great way to stay in shape. You can also take advantage of other methods to get more physical activity: tidying your house after meals will get you moving, which will make you feel more energetic and fit.

A study on rats found that those with low aerobic capacity were slimmer. But when these rats were exercised for an hour each day, they still lost weight. And this is a clear sign that exercise can overcome the effects of genetics on your body. People who are naturally thin may be able to burn more calories through NEAT than others. This explains why some people are naturally slim while others gain weight even when they eat less.


A healthy diet is essential for people who are naturally thin, but that doesn’t mean they have to restrict their food intake. The natural thin people in your family likely don’t keep a food journal or count calories. Instead, they make healthy choices and follow a regular exercise routine. They don’t need to restrict themselves when it comes to food because their bodies are constantly sending them signals. Similarly, eating a nutritious breakfast is important for people who are naturally thin.

The key to staying thin is to start your day with a solid breakfast. A coffee, for example, doesn’t count as a proper breakfast. Naturally thin people always eat breakfast, starting the day with a nutritious meal. This way, their metabolism will increase. Additionally, they tend to limit their caffeine intake to two cups per day. This is because caffeine boosts metabolic rate and acts as an appetite suppressant.

Drinking less

Despite their apparent metabolism, naturally thin people have the advantage of knowing when to stop eating and drinking. Their bodies are tuned into cues to signal fullness and satiety. They know to stop eating as soon as they experience a slight tingle. Despite their natural thinness, they also tend to forget to eat half the time. That means they don’t have to worry about cleaning the plate, or absorbing the “children are starving somewhere else” message.

Avoiding calories at buffets

If you’re natural thin, you may wonder why you need to avoid calories at buffets. While you might be tempted to graze on the endless assortment of food and drink, the truth is that you don’t need to fill up on all that fat and calories. Instead, focus on choosing a few healthy dishes and passing on the rest. This is a secret trick from the world of nutrition.

First, scout the buffet before you go. It’s not healthy to skip meals, and you’re likely to overindulge later. Instead, have a light lunch before the meal and fill up on smaller portions of food. Wait at least 20 minutes before ordering seconds. Also, limit the amount of alcoholic beverages you drink. Drink water with a hint of lime, instead. Also, limit yourself from other high-calorie foods like cheese and meat. Lastly, avoid buffets that offer a ‘all you can eat’ option.

Avoiding sugary drinks

A 12-ounce can of soda is 130 calories and has eight teaspoons of sugar, making it an unwise choice for weight loss. Fruit juice also packs a lot of calories and isn’t a healthy replacement for actual fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods and high-calorie sodas by choosing drinks with less sugar. Instead, switch to water, seltzer, or tea. You’ll find a variety of flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth and still leave you feeling full.

Juice is made from fruit and contains fiber, but it is also very high in sugar. While 100% fruit juice contains less than three grams of sugar per serving, it is still higher in calories than recommended. A can of lemon-lime soda, for instance, contains 44 grams of sugar. The same goes for energy drinks and coffee drinks. Even healthy-sounding beverages can pack plenty of sugar. In addition to fruit juice, it’s important to steer clear of other beverages that contain large amounts of sugar.

Having a solid breakfast

Research has shown that having a solid breakfast can help “naturally thin” people keep their weight under control. Eating a combination of carbohydrates and protein can keep your blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day. Some of the best choices include steel-cut oatmeal, yogurt and fruit, egg whites, and mixed vegetables. Some experts also suggest including dessert as part of a balanced breakfast. One study conducted by Tel Aviv University found that a participant’s appetite was improved if he or she ate a dessert with their morning meal. The participants also lost more weight than the controls and felt fuller after the meal.

Research shows that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight. Having a healthy breakfast in the morning kick-starts the metabolism and helps people avoid binge eating later in the day. If you’re pressed for time, prepare a solid breakfast the night before. A small piece of chocolate can satisfy your sweet tooth, allowing you to eat less in the afternoon. A recent study from the University of California, San Diego, also showed that people who ate chocolate often had lower BMIs.

Avoiding fast food

Many “naturally thin” people have found success by avoiding fast food. This way, they don’t have to work as hard. Their diets are balanced and they enjoy fruits and vegetables. Many of these people also avoid fast food altogether, but they still indulge occasionally. For instance, they will order high-fiber cereal without milk for breakfast. This way, they’ll get all the nutrients and fiber they need without consuming a lot of calories.

Besides, natural thin people are less likely to use food as an emotional release. They find healthier ways to deal with their emotions. They meditate and engage in hobbies that require introspection. They don’t constantly battle with their bodies and stop when they’re full. In fact, they eat less than average people. They’re just not used to binge-eating or eating so much. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

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