Here is How Trip Tin Adventures, a start-up from India, is Disrupting Travel

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Travelling has become the next big thing for today’s world, where almost everyone looks forward to a break from their daily lives. People travel for multiple reasons, some for wellness, some for adventure, and some for something else.

One thing that unites all travellers is their free spirit. Trip Tin Adventures, a travel start-up in Hyderabad, is redefining vacations with its unique idea of experiential travel within budget. Founded in 2019, it started as a small-time travel agency with various kinds of tour packages for its customers.

The team at Trip Tin Adventures has inspiring plans that set them apart from other travel agencies. They don’t rush the beautiful process of travelling. By letting their customers have an experience of a lifetime, the trip captains make sure everyone is satisfied. From popular locations at a holiday destination to the calmness at leisure to beautiful campsites, travellers love Trip Tin Adventures for providing them with a community-centred experience.

In a conversation with the co-founders of Trip Tin Adventures, they mentioned that their main aim is to make national and international travel accessible to everyone. They intend to create budget-friendly trips to as many destinations as possible in the near future.

“We want middle-class people to experience travel that is a blend of comfort and luxury. Making travel plans to off-beat locations shouldn’t just be plans anymore. We’ll make frequent travel possible for families and individuals,” says Karthik Kolipaka, one of the co-founders of Trip Tin Adventures.

At Trip Tin Adventures, they prioritise destinations that aren’t packed with tourists but are equally worthwhile. To reach travel enthusiasts with busy schedules, they have flexible itineraries to satisfy all kinds of customers. In the two years that they have organised tours for several batches, they have built a loving travel community, who like to travel with Trip Tin Adventures whenever they can.

“I loved my visit to Gokarna with Trip Tin Adventures. Every penny was worth it. I wouldn’t have had as much fun if I hadn’t taken their Gokarna package. It’s very different from a trip people plan by themselves. Trip Tin Adventures added so much value to the whole experience,” says Mrudula, one of the customers.

Trip captains of Trip Tin Adventures form the very core of the organisation. They play a key role in every trip as they host travellers, show them places, answer their queries, and help them in every possible way. Some of them are experienced trekking captains who lead trips like Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and other treks.

“I was one of their customers in the beginning, but I’m proud to have hosted 300+ travellers through many trips. I get to host trips while checking off my travel bucket list. I also meet a lot of people every day and it feels wonderful to know each of their stories. With Trip Tin Adventures, I’ve found my travel community.” Rahul, one of the trip captains talks about his experience.

With a small team working on and off the field, Trip Tin Adventures is trying to bridge the gap between budget and travelling. This budding travel start-up is opening new doors of tourism for anyone and everyone who wants to travel. To more people travelling the world, without having to worry about their bank balance!

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