Fun facts about oysters and pearl


It’s no surprise that pearls are highly sought after, well-worn, and the most loved gemstones in the jewelry world. Often known as the Queen of Jewels, they possess a timeless quality that captivates people from the time it was first discovered. Natural pearls are formed when an intruder gets inside the oysters’ shells and initiates the defense mechanism. As a result, oyster keeps on producing a coating until a natural pearl is created.

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  1. Pearls are the only gemstone to come from a living creature

Despite being classified as a gemstone, pearls usually differ from all other precious stones available, including rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. It is the only gemstone that is created by a living creature, oyster, as all others are obtained from the Earth’s crust when magma cools under high pressure.

  1. Natural Pearls are one of the rarest jewels

Pearls are broadly classified into two types – natural pearls and cultured pearls. You will be amazed to know that only 0.005% of the pearls available in the world are natural and the rest are cultured. The odds of actually finding a natural pearl in an oyster are 1 in 10,000 and the probability of mollusks producing a pearl of gemstone quality is 1 in 1 million.

  1. More than 99% of pearls on the market today are cultured

Since the odds of finding a natural pearl in oysters are extremely low, nearly all of the pearl jewels available on the market today are cultured. Production of a natural pearl is the rarest scenario as not all the mollusks can produce a pearl and not all the pearls are of gemstone quality.

  1. La Peregrina is the world’s most famous pearl

The most famous and historic pearl is La Peregrina. It is a pear-shaped pearl and is widely known for its unique shape and size. The history of this gemstone spans nearly 550 years. It was given to famous British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor as a Valentine’s Day gift.

  1. The world’s most expensive pearl is priced at $100 million

The cost of the most expensive pearl is around $100 million. It was discovered by a fisherman off the Philippines coast inside a massive clam. This pearl is 26 inches long and weighs around 75 pounds, making it the largest pearl that is known to exist.

  1.  The oldest pearl dates back 7,500 years

Pearls are the world’s oldest gemstone as their history spans nearly 7500 years. It is located on a gravesite in the UAE and given the name of Umm al Quwain to reflect the region of the country it was discovered in.

  1. It takes around six months to form a pearl

More than 99% of the pearls are cultured, and they take at least six months to produce a pearl.

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