Foods To Try When In Scotland

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If you are visiting Scotland for the first time find amazing Edinburgh hotel deals. Whilst there  here is list of foods you should definitely try:

1. Haggis

Haggis is a representation of the very best of Scottish cooking, that uses all parts of an animal with the addition of spices and flavors. It also has loads of tradition linked to it and people from around the world, link haggis to the country of Scotland. Traditionally, it is made from “sheep’s pluck”, which is finely chopped lungs, heart, and liver, combined with suet, oatmeal, seasoning, and spices, stuffed into a casing (traditionally sheep intestines) and then baked or boiled. 

2. Fresh Fish

The seafood and fish which is abundant in Scotland’s waters are sensational. There are so many different fresh fish on offer, including pollock, trout, and Atlantic salmon, along with a wide selection of oysters and mussels. 

3. Lobster

Perhaps my most memorable moment while spending time in Scotland was on a stunningly sunny day on the west coast, enjoying a meal of squat lobster right on the beach alongside my wife. This succulent and sweet seafood is so delicious and it is served right out of the sea, smothered in delectable melted butter. It can be grilled or boiled and is the perfect addition to most basic pasta dishes. 

4. Grouse

Scottish game is versatile and distinctive, and grouse happens to be a treasured ingredient thanks to its intricate and beautiful flavors. During the shooting season, which usually runs from August to December, you can buy plump birds directly from one of the Scottish moors. One bird is usually enough for a single serving and they are truly delicious stewed or roasted. 

5. Cullen Skink

This is one of the classic Scottish soups with potatoes, smoked haddock, and leeks which should rather be prepared with Finnan haddie, which is a cold-smoked haddock that comes from Aberdeenshire. I remember first trying it at a pub close to my folk’s home when I was 12 years old. This comforting, classic soup is something I will remember forever. 

6. Cheese And Cured Meat

Scottish producers provide a sensational range of cheese and cured meats, from sausages and moreish smoked cheddar to venison. My wife and I enjoy working our way across the Stockbridge farmers’ market and we also source some of the best bread, cured meats, and cheese from Peelham Farm. 

7. Gin

Scotland-created gins are truly plentiful and it is fantastic to see such a large amount of producers perfecting this very intricate distilling craft. Some of these include the Isle of Islay’s The Botanist to Edinburgh Gin. I also love the new Fidra Gin, a Scottish dry gin that contains botanicals that are foraged locally in East Lothian, which is just out of Edinburgh.

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