Brighten Your Financial Future with IndusInd Bank’s High-Yielding Savings Account


For most, a savings account is the first formal interaction with a bank. Whether you are applying for a home loan or a credit card or whether you want to purchase an insurance plan or park your funds in mutual funds, a savings bank account is a must for carrying out the transactions. So, while storing funds and transacting may be the primary function of a savings account, it also serves as an essential financial tool. Here’s how.

Whether you are saving funds to take that expensive Antarctica cruise next year or starting a fixed deposit account next month, a savings bank account is an avenue for all your banking needs. Gone are the days when all you did was store funds in your bank account. Today, a savings bank account acts as your accountant, security guard, financial safety net, high-yielding wealth partner, all rolled into one.

When looking to start a new-age savings bank account, turn to IndusInd Bank to get the best-in-class banking features. Here are some benefits of opening an IndusInd Bank savings account.

Instant Account Opening based on Aadhaar and PAN

IndusInd Bank’s latest offering, IndusInd Online Savings Account (IOSA), allows customers to open a savings bank account within minutes from the comfort of their home. To start your Aadhar eKYC based account, you need no physical documentation. Why, yes! Besides, you can also fund the account online and access your funds directly through the Indus Mobile App.

Earn Consistent Interest Income

Unlike a current account, your savings bank account earns money for you even when you’re sleeping. All you need to do is store your funds in it. With IndusInd Bank, you score up to 5% rate of interest. And you can also open a sweep in deposit to set aside extra funds in your account into a fixed deposit. This way, you ensure complete liquidity of your funds while earning high interest income on the same.

Make your account a Zero Balance Account

Get a free zero balance account by opting for a Premium Debit Card. Here, you must buy a Platinum Plus Debit card worth Rs. 1200 when opening your account. Or, you can start your initial account funding with a Titanium Debit Card, and you’ll have a zero balance account.

Have A Personalised Account Number

Get an account number of your choice, be it a memorable date, birthday, anniversary, or any other special date.

Personalise Your Debit Card

With IndusInd Bank’s savings account, you can choose any image that you like as the backdrop of your debit card.

Access New-age Digital Banking Features

Indulge in fingerprint banking and set up your mobile banking and UPI credentials along with account opening. Access the unique all-in-one store on IndusMobile, where you can get multiple discounts on food, cabs, and other bills. You can also shop online using these services. IndusInd Bank enables account holders to make free IMPS/NEFT/RTGS transactions on online channels.

But that’s not it! IndusInd Bank also offers industry-first WhatsApp banking services. Here, you will get balance and transaction alerts directly on WhatsApp.

Enjoy High Liquidity

There is no lock-in period for the funds you store in your savings account. Here, you can withdraw your money at any time. You can withdraw cash in the denomination of your choice at any of IndusInd Bank’s ATMs.

Over to You

IndusInd Bank savings account not just helps you store your funds safely but also helps you nurture your wealth with ease. Besides, you can open the account in an instant digitally. So, wait no more. Visit IndusInd Bank’s website and start your savings account today.

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