Attachments are intrinsically detrimental to human beings, for they furiously marour abilities to think clearly and rationally, spawning unnecessary turmoil, pain and anger.

Human suffering is highly discussed everywhere and for any emotional or mental suffering, the world is also producing an expert. They affably talk about attachments, trauma, love, pain, sense of fear, loneliness, and suggest yoga, meditation and medication which is for stimulating the required enzymes. However, there is only a percentage of people who gain anything noticeable until they embrace spirituality. It’s because spirituality is a safest, and most beautiful way of connecting with oneself, and establishing communication with the soul. This is human nature, we will emerge, fall, and suffer inevitably, as even the greatest warrior Arjun in Mahabharata had to deal with such agonies and traumas that are generally caused by tiny emotions. But, what Krishna emphasized much more than anything while enlightening Arjun and proffering the book of enlightenment, and inextinguishable light, was attachment. It has been mentioned at least a thousand times in Gita as it is a perennial source of all sufferings. For it spawns pain, pampers sorrow, mothering trauma and anger.

Attachment was conclusively the main cause behind why a great warrior Arjun knelt down in the battle field and refused to fight a war which was needed for unearthing justice for the affronted Draupadi. He was intensely attached to all the enemies standing armed in front of him. His attachments with his brothers, gurus and elders were too heavy to take them off, which weighed him down and made him behave like an enervated, timid person with all the knowledge, and fighting skills saddled on his back.

In Gita, Shri Krishna has explicitly elucidates that even a man with the power to lift up an elephant, a warrior with the sharpest sword, and the greatest scholar, will fail to lift himself up, wield the sword, and utter a single word if he is enslaved by attachments. For, attachment establishes a sense of ownership over the particular things, then it conceives expectations, slightly igniting the tiny sparkles to smolder like the sweltering embers of anger. Attachment is patently a powerful force which can make you roam impatiently out of anger, and make you deplore your immoral insecurities. So, Gita has advised us to develop a lucrative habit of avoiding attachments with anything and anyone. As it truly frees one from all the visible shackles of emotions, and inspires him to know himself, unleashing the hidden potential to live better and happily.

Attachment is clearly not only about people or things, it’s about mental expectations that emanate from senses of pride, happiness, and cravings for admiration, and are profusely pampered by insecurities that are definitely too elusive to avoid. It blinds a person from seeing things vividly. A false sense of inferiority, and self loathing is also hatched by insecurities born in the womb of attachment. Although strenuous this juncture, it is now quite common to suffer in attachment silently on account of being too timid to decide to fight the senses. People can surrender to all the pain that is caused by attachment for temporary sense of happiness, as nobody advises, or tells them effectively to make a decide and unshackle themselves from the chains.

Krishna divinely illuminedArjun to unearth the reality and infused a scintillating light in his personality to abandon all the ornaments of attachments he wore for years, preparing him to fight the greatest, fiercest war of the time. All the teachings of Krishna are still intact, and astonishingly effective which took us centuries to realize their worth and wisdom that resides in Gita.

It’s because we are living in an era of technology, and modernity so anything ancient which western culture doesn’t approve to be worth knowing, is deemed utterly preposterous. This is what happened for decades with Indian healing techniques that were prime factors of great wisdom, and health of our ancestors who probably were not familiar with bewildering words largely being used to describe our emotions and outburst of feelings within, but they were surprisingly blessed with the techniques that not only bestowed them good health, but also inspired generations to practice the techniques and carry forward the wisdom that blossomed a thousand years ago. At this time, everyone strictly wants to mould his life style into what he sees in the social media, outvying to be socially accepted, appreciated and most importantly feel wanted. This sense of uncanny ecstasy has been deeply planted in humans by the western culture that rejects everything that sounds primitive.

Astoundingly, things that were disdainfully mocked and rejected for decades, are now being presented as the new techniques for human mind and soul with some new names. What our Indian Scholars and sacred book Gita explained about root causes of Human suffering thousands of years ago, are now being rapidly accepted and practiced intentionally and are now inspiring authors, and actors to adopt and plunge into a new realm of happiness, peace and tranquility. As the smallest things that creep into mind and spoils it, paralyzing its cognitive abilities, and enervating capacity of thinking sagaciously, are vividly articulated Indian scriptures which the west refused to accept for centuries, and created their own philosophy of human healing, scratching the science.

Today, it’s certainly a matter of pride for India that its thousand years old techniques for strengthening human mind, and freeing the soul possibly from all kinds of suffering. From the extraordinary results of yoga for befriending mind, and soul,establishing unfading peace to meditation and wisdom of Gita for instilling calmness, kindness, and mindfulness, the world is earnestly embracing the ancient powerful techniques to eradicate suffering, and gradually alleviate the root causes to acquire serenity of mind, and sheer joyfulness in life.

In Gita, there is a beautiful, helpful reference of attachment saying, ‘Attachments interfere with a person’s ability to think clearly or rationally. When the person is free from attachments, he becomes equal to attraction and aversion and intelligent’. It is an unique testament of knowledge which is excessively vital for us to adopt and hone the skills excellently cultivated by our ancestors that are for maintaining the turmoil and quelling the whirlpool of the mind, andcreate peacefulness which can’t be snuffed out by any kind of insecurity and anger. We are unquestionably privileged to be endowed with such an incredible techniques and knowledge for human mind, and soul in order to elevate gleefulness, mental and physical strength, serenity, calmness, and sagacity to live a happy, peaceful, and meaningful life.

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