Are You A Travel Blogger? – Follow These Tips To Grow Your Instagram Presence

back view photo of woman in white top and shorts standing on cliff near body of water

1. Hashtag Research

Not many things come close to hashtags in terms of importance on Instagram. While your followers will get to see your posts in their feed, others typically use hashtags to see posts and photos from others they are not following. There are plenty of websites that tell you about the popular hashtags in particular niches. It is recommended to stay away from hashtags that are too popular such as wanderlust or travel. Ideally, you should try to include hashtags that are a little less popular. One of the examples is #fodorsonthego. If you use this hashtag, you might be featured by the Fodor’s Magazine. Also, try to include the maximum possible number of hashtags which is currently limited to 30.

2. Try to Follow Real Accounts

In order to increase your follower count, you need to think different. If you currently have only 40 followers, the next thousand followers aren’t going to appear out of anywhere. There is a lot of competition on Instagram as there are millions of bloggers but that’s not something that should deter you. If you believe in your content and think that it should be seen and appreciated, you need to take some positive action to make others notice your content. It’s going to be a long road but at the end of the day, you’re going to get real results. Increase your Instagram followers here.

Begin by identifying real accounts and following them. If you don’t get a follow back after some time, don’t shy away from unfollowing them. Not everyone likes this strategy but it is highly effective and there’s nothing unethical or bad here. It’s one of the ways for people to get to notice you. You’re not forcing anyone to follow but if they do, it is likely that they are interested in your content. Also, make it a habit to post comments that are meaningful. If someone comments on your post, always reply.

3. Focus on Engagement

Engagement is the key to growing your presence on Instagram. Consistent engagement with the followers as well as people you follow is essential to grow your Instagram. Higher level of interaction is likely to increase the likelihood of your photos appearing in their feed.

Use hashtags to find and reach out to new people. If you are currently living in a city that has beaches, there must be a popular hashtag for that city. Use it to find some local bloggers and comment on their posts. You could answer their questions or just say something nice about their photographs. When commenting, make sure you do not appear to them like a bot. Your comments should be meaningful otherwise they are likely to be ignored. Make it personal and show that you are really interested in their posts. It should look genuine and natural.

4. Automate Things

For most people, there isn’t enough time in the day to go find photos on Instagram and like them and comment on them. This is why smart Instagram users make use of automation software such as Archie. This particular software is good for likes. With the help of the software, you can choose the photos based on the location, hashtags as well as other people. It comes at the cost of $20 but it is completely legal unlike other popular automation software such as mass planner and Instagress. 

It is even used by big brands such as Uber. They also offer a free trial. You should take advantage of free trial to check out its features. The recent API policies of the platform have brought major changes to the effectiveness of mass planner and Instagress. The software might keep working but you won’t be able to get good results and you also put your account at risk.

5. Tag Other Accounts on Your Posts

One of the ways for you to grow your Instagram is to tag other big accounts in your niche. It will help you gain followers and get some exposure. While bloggers that are already big on the platform have a huge advantage but nothing is stopping you from starting with smaller accounts. Before uploading a new photo, find some related accounts based on location or other criteria and ones that feature similar photos. 

Make sure they are tagged in your posts. Use their hashtags in your posts. Start with small accounts and once you really begin to get more than a thousand likes on each of your posts, you could think of going bigger. I was able to get dozens of new followers by using this technique with Portuguese accounts such as @toplisbonphoto.

6. Spend Some Time on Captions

Captions play a huge role in gaining popularity on Instagram, especially for travel bloggers. If photography isn’t really your strength, work on your content to attract people. Make sure your posts are accompanied by meaningful captions that provide a lot of useful information such as prices, attractions and places. You might even want to use captions to interact with followers through questions and answers. Such an effort is always appreciated.

7. Learn to Edit Your Photos

Not everyone on Instagram takes editing photos seriously. If you are serious about creating a following on Instagram, you should learn to edit photos like a pro and follow one color scheme. If you have seen some accounts with more than 50,000 followers but average quality photos, keep in mind that they are exceptions. In most cases, they have followers due to the amazing quality of their blog content.

Since Instagram is all about visual things, people are always searching the platform for inspiration in addition to checking out photos from their friends and relatives. If you get an unexpected follow, it is due to the quality of your content or photos.

You don’t really need to have a perfect color sense or a designer background to stick to a single color scheme on the platform. There are tools available to make it easy for you. You can use apps such as Snug (costs around a dollar or so). Such apps will help you figure out whether the photos you are planning to upload fit perfectly in your layout.

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