A Letter To Anyone Who Feels Stuck In Life

I know. I know. It’s been quite some time since we last had a heart-to-heart chat as I was busy writing a million other things that demanded my attention. I kept getting busier and busier until I reached the eventual burnt-out point, and then I spoiled myself silly with overindulgence – till my body scrrrreeams. My hair, eyes, skin, and nails are all grumpy. Why do I do this?

I can overpower self-neglect.

But then again, how about giving myself tiny goals and patting myself every time I achieve them? How about squeezing in an hour for myself? How about you squeezing in an hour for yourself?

No other known creatures can rot, can match the skills, knacks, and abilities of your being.

Evolution gave you a mind to think for the improvement of your being. It presented you with the hands, the eyes, the feet, and numerous known and unknown senses to transform all your plans into action.

Yes, you are the master of yourself! You are the master of your fate, You are the master of your destiny, and you can win. You can win despite pains, hardships, laziness, and trials. But, this is possible when you find time for yourself when you squeeze in an hour for yourself.

You have to take a break or give yourself an hour daily. This hour should be without your phone, without work and life pressure. When you get into the practice of giving yourself time to do something you relish, you can feel less dominated by the humdrum of daily life. You can refresh your mind and relieve your stress.

In life, we don’t know what we are against. There is so much going on in life that it has become challenging to decide what needs to be solved first. When we see someone taking a stand against something bad, our mind immediately reminds us, ‘oh! This, too, needs to be taken care of,’ and consequently, nothing actually happens. We always end up where we once started.

I was stuck in this loop for a pretty long time. I distracted myself by joining a gym, giving myself an hour every day just for my health. But that isn’t enough. To seriously come out of this vicious circle, first notice, then accept the fact that you’re stuck. Try to interrupt the pattern and relax the thought by squeezing in some time just for yourself, and do what you love during that ‘happy’ hour.

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