A decision of announcing Draupadi Murmu as Presidential candidate is a rhapsody of change, and equality India wanted to sing since independence.

Smt. Draupadi Murmu, a new presidential candidate of Bjp and its alliance, filed her nomination with Pm Modi and all Bjpstalwarts present at the parliament. Born and raised in Odisha, Murmu, a tribal woman began her journey as a teacher before dabbling into politics. Since then, her consistent work fetched her recognition from Bjp and grabbed an outright opportunity for her to be the first tribal woman councilor and a member of the legislative assembly of Odisha respectively, and then became the first tribal female to be a governor in any Indian state, first time for five years.

She sedulously carved a niche for her and her fraternity by joining a party that wasn’t founded to induct people to entertain its leaders and their kids, instead, it watches your actions on the ground, and recognizes them rightfully, proffering an equal opportunity, irrespective of caste, gender, and religion. This definition of inclusiveness is going to give us our first tribal woman President if supported profusely by political parties that belief in an inclusive and progressive society where equality intertwined with a palpable sense of rectitude is served for all.

Inclusive society was vigorously prioritized by the Indian govt since independence, but the change wasn’t visible at all. The unity Congress party proudly flaunted for decades, was nowhere to be noticed. As it was only written on the papers which former leaders regaled each other with, believing what even didn’t exist. At that time, when Congress was cradled by the majority, things were too entangled to expect the change. Even the highest post of President was indecorously used as a reward for the loyal workers of the ruling party that had not foreseen its future while gobbling the parliamentary reveries and amusing anecdotes read by their ilk in the media.

In a couple of years, the luster of the President gradually ebbed away. Furthermore, the party that ruled for years, was evidently so obsessed with power that it ended up tarnishing the highest constitutional post by making their cooks sit on this prestigious chair possessing all the powers but tactfully chained by first rapacious prime minister. However, it’s fortunate to witness a change happening right now how new ruler is fixated on emphasizing reforms and bringing a brand new transformation in everything that has previously lost its glint due to disgusting politics that reeked of immortality and insanity.

However, Bjp has remarkably wiped this dirt by giving us a Muslim, then a scheduled caste, and now scheduled tribe presidential candidates. This party is still nurturing its ethics and values that were imparted by its great leaders who envisaged a better future of this nation where all citizens can contribute to its betterment, breaking all shackles of thinking which injures our sense of unity.

Murmu hasn’t acquired this place in a political party by practicing sycophancy, and cajoling dynasts, instead she was recognized by Bjp for her prominence in social involvement, and inspiring political life that depicts her struggle and impetus, encouraging new generation to believe that no veil of society can muffle your voice if you date speak, nothing can distract you from achieving what is meant for you.

It’s kind of uncomfortable to remember old tales of previous presidents supported by Congress and its alliance when Presidents used to be made for their share of loyalty to the party. This post was a political reward that explicitly was a sign of clemency and political affection for the continuous efforts of the candidates, caressing the party’s ideology without any objection. Despite being a fabricated camouflage of progressive and modern thinking party, Congress could never mull over a necessity as to why India could have a SC and St President if it is a democracy that reiterates a song of equality. This modern party with obsolete mentality was electrifying its soporific parts to grab utmost popularity without accepting change it badly needed to survive. It’s  because the smoldering avarice for power couldn’t nudge them about the imminent political jeopardy coming in a form of new evolving Bjp.

All the disgusting political rituals congress party had propagated, are currently being stamped out by Pm Modi one by one. All the Italian inspired tactics to foul Indian politics are almost extinguished. Now, friendly media isn’t awarded and rented govt buildings for their ritzy parties, nor sycophants and lipspittles are made President for their effing flattery. Those days are gone now when hatred towards Hindutva used to fetch fame and fortune to become leaders and sit on high posts to besmirch this nation.

I believe we Indians no longer seem to be lured by someone’s faithfulness with a political party, but expect humbleness, deep-rooted social background, and achievements, and amiable rapport with all sections of the society to be called a President of world’s largest democracy. Smt. Murmu is a deeply grounded political identity emerging from shambles. In sooth, her persistence to work for the deprived, and the poor is undoubtedly impactful and incredible that Bjp has focused on. Providing a chance to the underprivileged is worth lauding and accepting, so that we can in real sense grasp a meaning of being an inclusive society.

It’s immensely gratifying that this new India has demonstrably rejected a mutilated version of eligibility to clinch any high place in the democracy that ferociously demands one to hate Hindutva and be apologetic about his/ her Dharma. For, Indian secularism was designed and filled with this baleful fumes of discrimination and malice. Fortunately, things are exceptionally remolded under new leadership that is leading India to greater heights we Indians impatiently waited for yonks.

Finally, a humble and educated woman will be leading this glorious land with her spunk, and perseverance to raise her voice for unity in all sections of our society, work for all, and be an embodiment of woman empowerment, transcending all obstacles and pulverizing her rival Yashwant Sinha gracefully who is an unbelievably abusive man gamboling around with delusions after being proudly shouldered by Congress and its transient friends in politics standing purposefully only to defeat the might Bjp. India is keenly waiting for this absolutely inspiring moment when a tribal female leader will fetch a rhapsody of praises from all sides, scripting history by sitting on the highest chair as a President.

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