Where to Buy Premium CBD Vape Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid obtained from cannabis. After THC, it is the second-most recognized cannabinoid. Cannabidiol is a potent therapeutic ingredient. Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress, relieve pain and inflammation, manage blood pressure and diabetes, and promote better sleep.

With rising demand for CBD, many manufacturers introduced various CBD-infused products to meet the diverse needs of the growing customer base. Besides the standard CBD oil, tinctures, and capsules, several CBD vendors offer CBD Vape oil, gummies, and baked goods.

Due to its fast action and attractive flavors, premium CBD vape juices have become pretty popular among today’s youth. If you want to try premium CBD vape juice but are not sure where to look for it, we will help you with it. This article will explore where to buy premium CBD vape oils and what factors to consider before purchasing.

Where Can You Buy Premium CBD Vape Juices?

●    The CBDistillery

A Colorado-based brand, the CBDistillery, was established in 2016. It is known for its transparency and affordable and quality products. The company has come a long way since its inception and has gradually earned a place in the top-tier CBD brand of the USA.

CBDistillery offers a wide range of premium vape oils formulated with top-grade raw materials. It procures CBD from local organic farms. The brand holds U.S Hemp Authority Certificate, which means all its products (including vape oils) go through rigorous quality control measures. They also make sure to get their products tested by independent labs to assess the quality and efficacy of the vape juices.

The CBDistillery vape oils come in 30ml plastic bottles with concentrations of either 500mg or 1000mg CBD. You will find three different flavors of vape oils: grape, mango, and mint. In addition, all their products are pretty affordable.

●    CBDfx.com

CBDfx is undoubtedly one of the most renowned CBD brands in the United States. Made from CBD extracted from organic hemp cultivated in Kentucky, the CBDfx vape oils are of premium quality. All CBDfx vape oils undergo comprehensive third-party lab tests to ensure their potency and quality. The brand publishes the report on its website so its customers can refer to them.

CBDfx can be the best place to buy premium CBD vape juice if you love trying new flavors. CBDfx offers three different vape oils: regular, terpene-infused, and full-spectrum. The brand sells CBD vape oils in 30ml and 60ml bottles with 500-1000mg CBD concentrations.

This brand’s vape juices are formulated with a 50/50 VG: PG ratio that gives a smooth hit and enjoyable vaping experience. CBDfx also offers lucrative discounts on its products. All its vape juices are solvent-free and come with a 60-day guarantee.

●    SavageCBD

If you are looking for unique vape oil flavors, your search will end at SavageCBD. It is a California-based brand that emerged in the cannabis industry in 2015. You can choose from nine exciting vape juice flavors: Driven, Fiji melons, Hustle, Kiwi dragon berry, Passion, Serene, Tranquil, and Vape shots.

SavageCBD offers a wide range of premium-quality CBD-infused vape juices in sleek, classy packaging. They can also give them to your CBD-loving friend. In addition, the brand offers a 15% discount on your first order at SavageCBD.

All SavageCBD vape oils are made with CBD sourced from organic hemp farms in Wisconsin, Oregon, and Colorado. It is one of the most transparent CBD brands in the industry. The company gets all its vape juices tested by third-party labs and publishes the reports on its website. Moreover, SavageCBD has a responsive and amicable customer care unit that is always ready to resolve any issue you face.

●    CBD Essence

Another renowned name in the CBD industry is the CBD Essence, a brand established in 2014. Like most CBD vape juice brands, CBD Essence manufactures premium quality Vape oils with organic, non-GMO, locally-grown hemp-derived CBD. The company makes sure independent labs test its products. The report tells you everything about cannabinoid and terpene concentration, the presence of pesticides, and other contaminants.

CBD Essence is the name you need if you want to interact with a brand that hides nothing. The brand specializes in full-spectrum CBD vape oil. All the products offered by CBD Essence are pocket-friendly. The brand also offers various discounts occasionally. However, they are yet to introduce different flavors of vape juices.

●    Blue Moon Hemp

Founded in 2015, Blue Moon Hemp is one of the most trusted CBD brands in the industry. It has won a place in its customer’s hearts by providing consistent and quality CBD products. It is one of the pioneer CBD brands in the USA that introduced premium Vape oils into the market.

The Blue Moon Hemp vape juices are made with CBD sourced from organic hemp farms in Kentucky. All its products go through stringent quality control measures to get precisely what you pay for. The brand also won the Cannabis Business Award in 2019.

Its vape juices are rapid-acting that induce a calming effect almost instantly. The vape juices are available in multiple unique flavors that can blow your mind. Suppose you are a regular vape user; you can also subscribe to your favorite premium vape juices at a discounted price.

Factors to Look for While Buying Premium CBD Vape Juices:

Choosing a premium CBD Vape oil can be challenging, especially when every vendor claims their product to be of the best quality. However, you should keep these things in mind while purchasing premium vape juices:

  1. Check for the source and extraction method of CBD. Usually, premium vape juices are made from CBD obtained from organic hemp farms using the Supercritical CO2 extraction technique.
  2. Ensure the brand you choose is authentic and reliable. Customer reviews can help you with that.
  3. See whether the brand gets its vape juices tested by independent labs to assess the quality and contaminant levels.

Lastly, the demand for premium CBD vape juice has increased exponentially in recent years. People are buying them directly from various brand websites from physical dispensaries. Purchasing premium vape juices online has several advantages. You can order at your convenience, avail discounts, and get the products delivered directly to your doorstep.

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