Useful tips for moving to LA and more


When you are moving somewhere, there are always plenty of aspects you need to consider. It touches upon the order of your actions before, during, and right after the moving day. And the first thing you should do is find the Los Angeles movers to help you deal with this stressful event. 

Before start 

Before you take any action, you should organize your ideas on how you see the process. Think logically, suggest what activities you can manage by yourself, and with what you’ll need professionals’ help. They can be different routine items that you know to be easy to pack and move, or they can be unique pieces of fine art that are fragile or demanding in the storage and transport conditions. 

And just after you set up your vision of your future moving, it’s time to call the movers. 


If you’re going to use the movers’ services, remember about the rule of the third opinion. To get the most objective vision of what you pay for request a quote from three different moving companies. It allows you to compare the conditions, range of services they provide, and the fee they take for all the moving and supplementary services (like special wrapping, storage, etc.). 

Pay attention to SEKA Moving company, as it has a wide range of services to provide you with. From the small family moving to large-scale commercial moving, from transporting the home appliances and furniture to the art pieces relocation. Comparing this company to the others in this niche demonstrates the difference best.

Take care of insurance

Some situations can interfere with the on-time moving. And if not considering the force-major circumstances, one of the obstacles can appear the insurance to be. Check what conditions your building management company has. Otherwise, there can be a problem with access to the premises for the moving company workers. 

SEKA is ready to provide you with its Certificate of Insurance. All you need is to make a request on the official site or during your conversation with a salesperson. You can get the Certificate in a way you prefer – in electronic or written form. 

Tips about packing

When you wrap things to transport them, it’s necessary to follow some points that help avoid the extra expenses. Here are the most critical issues to consider:

  • Remember to use the less supplementary packing items possible. The amount of your movable property is complicated to transport itself, and the more additional boxes and plastic wrappings you use, the more space it takes.
  • Mark boxes and non-transparent containers with colored stickers or photos of their contents. It’s easier to unwrap things with these details when you reached the destination point.
  • Group your packages by room, and unwrap in the reverse order.
  • Leave clothes inside the drawers if possible, and wrap them to secure them from damage.

Following these tips, you have more chances to organize the fast and less problematic movement within LA or between the states. 

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