The best hospitality roles to wear tabards

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Tabards are multifunctional garments useful for many roles within the hospitality industry. With features such as front pockets and wipe-clean fabrics, they’re suitable for staff including chefs and cleaners as part of an efficient and safe uniform.

However, with so many tabard designs to pick from, it might be difficult to determine which ones to get for your team members.

This article, written by manufacturer Alexandra, provides a review of the benefits of wearing tabards as well as tips for what to look for in them for each hospitality role.

When should you wear a tabard?

When choosing a tabard for your team members, you should consider what they do in their role, how to keep them comfortable during their shift, and what features they require.

Housekeeping staff

Housekeeping staff require clothing that protects them from cleaning product spills while also keeping them comfortable throughout their duties.

They should wear tabards with front pockets to have their most important equipment close at hand. Such a tabard should also be made of a lighter GSM material to keep the wearer cool while performing physical tasks.

For example, our Easycare tabard with a front pocket is an excellent choice for housekeeping staff. Along with the essential storage pocket, this tabard consists of a medium weight 195gsm fabric that is suited for all-season wear. Furthermore, for optimal infection prevention and control, this material can endure laundry temperatures of up to 85ºC.

Hospitality management

Management staff should wear a uniform that distinguishes them from the rest of their team so customers know who to approach if they have a problem.

A high-quality tabard on top of colour-coordinated workwear can serve to distinguish management from their staff while also adding interest to the overall uniform.

Management in a local restaurant, for example, might wear the Thin stripe tabard with pockets, which is available in four colours. The stripe lends a splash of vibrancy to the uniform’s look and feel, while the pastel colour schemes keep the design fashionable.

Reception staff

Receptionists are among the first staff your clientele sees, so they must always look professional in order to provide a good first impression.

Front-desk staff will benefit from a sleek tabard embroidered with their name, so clients know who they are speaking with. They’ll also like the extra utility of a tabard with pockets for keeping pencils, sticky pads, and other stationery within easy reach.

Our V-neck tabard is a good example of a receptionist-friendly tabard. The uniform’s powerful V-neck provides a dramatic accent while the contrasting colours, particularly the black and white, provide the official tone that guests expect from the front desk.

Waiting staff

The waiting staff in charge of serving food must wear presentable and clean clothes.

Tabards are useful for wait teams because they cover the midsection, which is where food is most likely to be split. If a team member’s tabard becomes soiled, they can easily clean it or replace it with a clean one.

Waiting workers should wear the Tabard or Long-length variant. Their simplistic, clean-cut design looks sophisticated in various hospitality situations and is available in a variety of colour variations. While their medium 195gsm weight allows the entire team to wear these tabards all year.


Due to the high temperatures and risks of the kitchen, chef uniforms must prioritise comfort and safety over style. Chefs must, however, maintain a professional appearance if a customer wishes to speak with them at the front of the house.

Like with wait personnel, the majority of spills with chefs occur around chest to waist height, in line with the counter space where they prepare the food. Tabards, as a result, can be an ideal way to keep stains away from the generally much more expensive chef jacket and pants.

The Big Check Tabard is the best in Alexandra’s selection for chefs. This tabard has been designed specifically for those working in the catering business and is available in black and white or blue and white. Its 245gsm 67%/33% cotton/polyester fabric is somewhat more durable and wipe-clean friendly than others, making it great for wearing in the kitchen.

Where can I buy hospitality tabards?

Alexandra workwear has a large selection of hospitality tabards for sale. All of our own-brand tabards come with a two-year warranty from the date of delivery and free shipping on purchases over £75.

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