Soon request & get product quotes from businesses in Instagram


(IANS) Meta-owned Instagram is currently testing a new “Get Quote” button with select businesses on their profile as well as “Get Quote” stickers in Stories.

With this button or Stories sticker, businesses can set up custom questions to ask customers prior to starting a conversation.

“By filling out this short questionnaire, people are then able to easily and quickly request a quote from a business,” Meta said in a statement.

Many businesses are finding Facebook and Instagram ads that open to a WhatsApp chat the best way to get discovered by new customers and have a conversation.

“To make it easier to create these ads, starting soon, we’ll make it possible to create the full ad directly from the WhatsApp Business app. This will make it faster for small businesses looking to find new customers and grow,” said Meta.

The company also announced to bring WhatsApp to Inbox for businesses, starting with a small test.

WhatsApp in Inbox will save businesses time and increase productivity, said Meta.

“We’re testing a new capability that will allow businesses to send promotional message campaigns via Messenger to customers who opt in,” said the company.

With this feature, SMBs will have a new tool to drive sales and customer loyalty in Meta Business Suite.

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