Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 8th May– 15th May 2022


Love and Relationships

You must avoid any kind of misunderstanding in your relationship, as it can spoil a lot of things. If you feel that your life partner is cheating on you, it is better to confirm it fully. This week, the spouses of married natives might help them in every field of life. This week, you are advised not to let any third person interfere in your relationship.


You need to remain a little cautious this month regarding your health. You may become mentally stressed and may suffer from headaches due to visionary weakness. Get your eyes thoroughly checked. With this, you are advised to stay away from mobile and TV. Wash your eyes frequently and drink as much water as possible to keep your eyes healthy.
Anger issues may be tough to handle, so you are advised to be cautious. This week may be a difficult month for health and wellbeing. You are advised to take a proper diet, rest, exercise, and meditate for optimum physical and physiological health. This might also boost your immunity, stamina, and strength, which might prove essential in the coming weeks.


You might get favourable returns in your financial life this week. If you were planning to sell any valuable item from your home, you could get a good deal on it this week. People in business are expected to attain money from overseas this week. If you do business in partnership, you can discuss with your partner and develop well-evaluated plans.


You might acquire good results in your workplace this week because you might be physically fit. Your hard work and honesty can lead to an increment in your income. You can start a new business and most likely earn good profits. However, you must consult experienced people before starting any new work. Some natives who were working hard can get a job in a big company.


Learning is something that would always be in your favour. You would love to learn through various sources and also maintain a library of your own. Also, those of you who are looking to work on skills would do well this week. Your achievements would be high now and shall even give you some facet. There would be great achievements through hard work.

The Week’s Overview

Your first and second house in your natal chart indicates good health and income this week. The seventh house will bless your marital life, and you will remain physically fit this week and at the workplace; this may increase your income. Financially you might be strong and stable. However, students need to work hard.
Love and marital life might be smooth and favourable for you. Just be sure to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in your love life. Before concluding anything, confirm first whether your partner is cheating on you. Don’t jump the gun and go on a rampage. Spouses of married couples can help their partners in every way. Avoid any third person souring your relationship. It’s better to talk with your spouse and dig in the truth.
Financially you are likely to get good financial returns this week. Selling vehicles or any valuable item of your house may land you a good deal. Business people can expect gains from abroad, which may improve their financial situation and increase their savings. Business partners can jot down an idea and come up with well-evaluated plans to save or invest their money.
At the workplace also, you might get good results due to physical fitness. With diligence and hard work, you may carve a separate niche for yourself at the workplace, and your boss is likely to appreciate this. This may lead to a hike in income. At the same time, business people may do well in their field. Some of you may start thinking of new business with the help of your friends and together you may make good profits. However, it’s better to take help from an experienced guide. Few of you looking to get that dream job might get it because of your hard work.
Learning has been your favourite thing. You might learn to get knowledge through various sources, mainly through the library. The learning level seems to be the best this week. Those working on skill enhancement may do well this week. Your achievement may get at an all time high this week, and people might notice it. With your hard work and efforts, you may achieve great things. Just remain focused on higher studies.
Healthwise, stay cautious. There might be some mental stress due to unknown fear. Eye trouble may give you headaches. Consult your doctor immediately. It’s better to restrict the use of mobile and TV and use lenses and wash your eyes as much as possible. Also, it’s good to hydrate yourself and stay healthy. Yoga might be a good option.

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