Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 15th May– 22nd May 2022


Love and Relationships

Your marriage and love life might be normal this week. There may be minor conflicts with your lover or spouse. However, the period of the dispute might be short. Also, your spouse may not want to talk to you very much this week. Married natives of this zodiac sign might need to pay special attention to their spouse’s health this week, as there are chances of deterioration.


You may suffer from eye, head, and ear pain this week. Any chronic illness can arise again. You may also endure several problems related to the feet; hence, you need to make a habit of walking. However, you should avoid running. In addition, walking barefoot on green grass in the morning and evening, along with yoga, can provide you with mental peace.
It is predicted that you may have cold and cough issues this week. You are encouraged to take timely medication. You are advised not to ignore your health and sleep and rise early to combat your long-standing weariness. You are advised to take a proper diet, rest, exercise, and meditate for optimum physical and physiological health and boost your immunity.


This week, you might have to make a lot of efforts to strengthen your financial aspect. Your budget may get messed up. You can plan to travel and may spend a lot of money on this trip. You, and especially people in the business, might need to remain vigilant in money-related matters. Those who are still unemployed need to keep a check on their expenses.


Looking at your excellent work performance, you may earn some new opponents as well as competitors. There are chances of conspiracy against you, which is why you need to remain careful. Beware of extra nice people to you, as there may be a selfish motive behind their actions. You may undergo mental stress this week due to excessive workload. Perform Pranayama to get rid of stress.


Learning and education might be at their best this week. You would be happy with your preparation. Make sure you are down to earth as your education and learning would be improving. Also, make no mistake, as your mentors would give you some sage’s advice which should be heeded upon. Try to ensure you work hard to get the best results in the performance.

The Week’s Overview

This week you might be at your creative best. Due to their strong imagination, they will get the desired result. But don’t overdo it; instead, concentrate on working rather than just thinking. However, keep an eye at your workplace as you may be facing conspiring peers. Although you might have a sound financial week, there might be some problems in your family life. Real estate or property investment looks good. Family support is needed in whatever you do this week.
Your marriage and love life look average with minor conflicts with your spouse. Any minor dispute shall be temporary, and your partner may apologise to you once they realise their mistake. Give your spouse some time to come up with the terms, and understand them. Sometimes a person wants to self analyse first and then take a step. A married couple needs to pay special attention to their spouse’s health.
On financial prospects, this week demands double efforts. You may spend on some unessential stuff along with essential household items. This may disbalance your budget. Some of you may spend on travel and luxuries. Individuals and business people should be careful about their spending and financial transactions. Any kind of carelessness can cause you huge losses. Unemployed persons need to keep a check on their expenses.
There might be several jealous people burning their hearts at the workplace because of commendable performance. You are likely to invite a few competitors and opponents with your excellent work. They may conspire against you, so be careful. Don’t fall for sugar quoted statements; you never know what’s inside the quoting. Excessive workload may add to mental stress; pranayama is advised.
Learning and education shall be best. Preparation wise this week, you might be happy with your preparation and your approach towards learning. Be down to earth with all your achievements. Mentors might give you that sage advice that may help you. All this might be beneficial for you in the long term. With exams on the way, make sure your preparation and knowledge base is concrete. Work hard to get the desired result.
With the placement of stars and nakshatras, your health seems to be not good. You are likely to face problems related to the eye, head and ear. Also, you may also endure problems related to the feet. So it is advisable to take special care and make a habit of walking. Practising yoga and walking barefoot on green grass can provide you with mental peace. Stay healthy and fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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