Project Himank, Indian Army and Humour

Whenever you’ve driven around mountains in North and North East India, have you noticed ‘BRO’ or Border Road Organisation written on the boards? Have you noticed those great yellow stone signs with hilarious safety warning signs often painted in black? These signs usually slow us down, and we smile as we move on our journey en route mountains.

The signs have been installed by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) as a part of Project Himank. Himank, also styled Project HIMANK, is a project of the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) in the Ladakh region. Known for constructing the world’s highest motorable roads across the Khardung La, Tanglang La, and Chang La passes, it is the contribution of the Indian army that has not been appreciated enough.

Project HIMANK is known to post humorous road signs, which include:

  • Way of worship may be different, but GOD is One
  • Better Mr. Late than Late Mr.
  • I’m curvacious, but please take me slowly.
  • On the bend, go slow, friend
  • Let your insurance policy mature before you.
  • Darling, I like you / but not so fast
  • Feel the curves / Do not test them
  • After whisky/driving risky
  • Safety on the road / is “safe tea” / at home
  • If you are married, divorce speed
  • Don’t Gossip; Let Him Drive
  • Don’t be a Gama in the land of Lama.

By adding humor to the panoramic beauty of Leh, BRO has made the world’s most dangerous roads a little more fun, exciting, and safe.

It’s not just about humor alone. Himank project provides access to sensitive military areas, including the world’s highest battleground at the Siachen Glacier and Pangong Tso Lake (at 4420 meters or 14500 feet).

Braving extreme cold conditions and treacherous terrain, men and machines of project Himank have worked hard to construct the all-weather road for us to enjoy. So, it’s our duty to keep the roads clean and not destroy the innocence of untouched lakes around these routes.

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