Pisces Weekly Horoscope 8th May– 15th May 2022


Love and Relationships

Be careful in regard to your connection. Avoid arguments since it might lead to communication gaps in your marriage. Some of you may have trouble in love due to ego conflicts. You, who are mid-divorce, are more likely to succeed. In-laws get-togethers may make an unforgettable week for you. You might have the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner and strengthen your marriage bond.


You should mind your company or the individuals you encounter. Do your best to avoid conflict and gossip; both might harm your health. Fear may be hidden. Try to surround yourself with positive people. Negative ideas might stress you. Work and stress can disrupt one’s sleeping patterns, leading to worry. This is the right time to meditate and stay healthy.


Giving money as a loan may be a bad idea. Big financial investments in land and property may not provide a profit at the present moment. A little investment will be better than a large one in one go—an unfavourable time to invest in equity marketing. Your father might financially assist you this week with the transit of the Moon. Tax & loans might be helpful.


This week, you must be prepared for an increase in workload. The weekly shortlist may not be based on priority. As there might be disagreements among colleagues, you should avoid workplace politics. Work-related travel might occur unexpectedly. New partnership business support might yield predicted gain. You might find some fantastic business offers from a reputable firm. The medical or service industry may serve you well this week.


This week is going to be fantastic for students. But your aggression might present problems to you; therefore, you need to learn how to regulate and utilise this to make things as you desire. A competitive exam would offer your desired outcome. A propensity to learn a new subject might gain success and admission. Sports students need to manage their anger possibilities this week.

The Week’s Overview

Get ready and be on your toes as workload might be coming your way; prepare a list of your priorities. Try not to get involved in office politics. There might be chances to travel for official purposes, which could be sudden. Business Associates could provide new opportunities. Be careful in your relationships. Do not get into unnecessary arguments; avoid ego clashes. Those who are in the middle of a divorce might be successful. There may be a modest get-together with in-laws that can provide you with a great week. Opportunities may occur where you could spend quality time with your spouse to improve your relationship.
When it comes to relationships, try not to get involved in unnecessary disputes. Avoid clashes due to ego; those who are in the middle of a divorce might be successful. There may be a modest get-together with in-laws. You may get the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner, which might improve your relationship. Avoid getting involved in a new relationship because the stars predict that this connection may not last.
There could be a large financial investment in land and property that does not yield a profit at this moment. A small investment rather than a large one-time payment may become the greatest alternative. It is not a good time to invest in stocks. With the Moon’s passage this week, your father might assist you financially. This might also bring some tax and loan relief. Try not to provide loans or money to others, as you may not receive it back easily.
Be prepared for workload and create a list of your priorities and work accordingly. Avoid disputes with your colleagues and do not involve yourself in office politics. You may travel related to official work. The assistance of a business partner may result in an estimated gain in a new agreement. It is not a good idea for a weak person to change jobs. You may be able to receive a decent price from an excellent company-related business. This week might be fruitful for you if you are in the medical or service industries.
This week could be beneficial to students in general. However, your aggression may present difficulties for you, so you must learn to regulate and harness it to achieve your goals. You can expect to succeed in a competitive exam. Under the influence of Mars and Rahu, there may be a desire to pursue occult science, and some of you may gain admission or success in studies linked to tarot cards, astrology, or Ayurveda. If you are a sports student and need to control your anger, you may receive support from your parents and family members, which could increase your confidence.
You should look after your business and the people you encounter. Try not to get involved in arguments or gossip, as this could cause you stress and have a negative impact on your health. Fear can lurk in the shadows. Try to surround yourself with positive people. Negative thoughts could put you under a lot of strain. Because of this, you might feel uneasy, and your sleeping comfort could be disturbed. It’s time to learn some meditation and prioritise your physical well-being. This week, pay special attention to your children’s health. While travelling, be careful. Driving a vehicle requires caution and compliance with traffic laws.

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