No More Monotonous Monday: How to Come Out of Your Daily Routine

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To break out of a rut, you should try novel experiences. According to neuroscientist Gregory Berns, novel experiences can help unlock your imagination. They force your mind to break categories and shortcuts. By doing so, you will be more likely to think outside of the box. It is also a good way to relieve stress. By trying new activities, you will be able to experience the joy and satisfaction of being creative.

Build a Bulletproof Daily Routine exercise

To become a Bulletproof, you need to follow a consistent routine of physical exercise. If you’re a novice, the best approach is to follow a high-intensity interval training or strength-training program. If you’re serious about making yourself Bulletproof, invest in physical exercise four days per week. For example, a typical routine would be Day 1 strength training, followed by Day 2 rest, then Day 3 high-intensity interval training, and so on. The rest of the routine is spent sleeping and eating the right way.

Block off certain hours of the day to deal with issues

The best time to do certain tasks is in the morning. After all, Monday afternoons are usually chaotic at work, so you may not want to deal with issues at the end of the day. Block off a certain time every day to focus on these issues. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to do these tasks, as well as to schedule downtime for less important things. Also, make sure to block out at least thirty minutes between tasks.

Reward yourself for sticking to a routine

If you struggle to stick to a routine, try to create several versions of your daily ritual, starting with a simple one that is “so easy you can’t NOT do it”. If your routine is too complex, it’s likely that you’ll give up before you’ve even started. Stick to a three-to-five-step routine, adding an extra step on good days.

Reward yourself for sticking to your daily routine by having a favorite meal or a break. Or, if you finished work early, reward yourself by making yourself your favorite meal or taking an exercise class. Whatever your reward is, you need to know that it will provide a similar level of satisfaction. You can experiment with different rewards and see which one makes you feel the most fulfilled.

Once you’ve established a daily routine, you can use rewards to motivate yourself to complete it. This reward could be anything from a new lipstick to a concert ticket. Whatever your reward, it must be worth doing it every day. Once you’ve made it a habit, you’ll feel great! That way, you’ll never feel like giving up, even if it’s difficult to make a habit out of it.

To make the habit more rewarding, give yourself a reward for every small step you make. You might want to reward yourself with a new pair of workout clothes or new equipment. You can also take a night class. A reward for completing your daily exercise routine can be as simple as a treat for yourself. And, as long as it’s something you want and can enjoy, it can be a great incentive to do it every day.

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