Over the last year, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have exploded. Unlike typical cryptocurrencies with similar units, NFTs are blockchain-based digital products with unique units. Blockchains allow NFTs to store data—most NFTs are based on the Ethereum blockchain — and that data can be connected to files holding media like videos, photographs, music, and real-life things in some circumstances. NFTs are routinely bought and sold on specialized marketplaces, and they often provide the holder rights over the material, data, or item with which the token is related.


NFTBOOKS are the newest, most innovative way to experience reading. They are the digital books linked to blockchain technology, allowing readers to own their digital books.

“When we say we are employing NFT technology to create ‘digital-first editions,’ we assist in creating a limited number of customized digital copies that readers may preserve and treasure in a personal digital library.”

NFTBOOKS are a significant step forward for both readers and writers, as it provides a new level of security and ownership for both parties. They are also interactive and engaging, making them the perfect choice for readers who want to get the most out of their reading experience. Whether you’re a seasoned reader or just getting started, NFTBOOKS is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience reading differently.

Mr. Chau, Co-Founder of NFTBOOKS, believes that by combining NFT with blockchain, writers would have more control over their work while also securing a return for each book. Official literature will be available for purchase, and piracy will be eliminated. The NFTBOOKS team aspires to provide positive values to the community, as well as a healthy reading community and a long-term investment ecosystem for everybody. People all across the globe will have increased access to books that will improve the material and spiritual quality of their lives.

How Are NFTBOOKS Different FromEbooks?

NFTBOOKS is a unique platform that has changed the course of digital literacy by allowing readers to OWN their digital books, helping writers benefit from blockchain technology.

NFTBOOKS are digital books stored and traded similarly to first edition print books. They are created with NFT technology, allowing for the creation of limited numbers of individualized digital copies. NFTBOOKS can be stored in an accountable, personal digital library. This blockchain technology will enable readers to own a limited-edition book that is not subject to piracy issues ebooks. NFTBOOKS represents a new type of book that offers readers the ability to own a piece of digital art that has value outside of the Kindle or Kobo reader on which it is displayed.

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