Microsoft SwiftKey update adds new option for deleting text on Android


(IANS) In a bid to make it more user friendly, tech giant Microsoft’s SwiftKey has recently received an update that makes it easier to delete text and it has also added the option to disable automatic spaces after punctuation.

The new features arrive with version of Microsoft SwiftKey, a virtual keyboard app for Android and iOS devices.

The last version of the app includes an option to swipe left from the delete key to select text, reports Windows Central.

Users can scrub to left or right while holding their finger down to select specific words and then remove their finger to delete the selected content. The same update also adds the option to disable automatic spaces following punctuation.

The report mentioned that the option to select and delete text with a gesture as well as the ability to disable automatic spaces both work in the latest version of the app.

Microsoft acquired the platform, which was already one of the most popular keyboard apps on iOS and Android, for reportedly $250 million in cash in 2016.

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