Leo Weekly Horoscope 8th May– 15th May 2022


Love and Relationships

In most ways, stars this week look in a highly generous mood. You can look forward to celebrating an auspicious event or a family function this week. Elders in the family might feel pleased with the fun and merriment that comes into the family. It comes to notice that such a happy vibe might bring in a tremendous domestic atmosphere, which remains pleasant throughout the week.


A week where your mood stays excellent and your health might stay greater. You might be diagnosed with some chronic predisposed disorder, but you need to relieve yourself from the stress due to it. Take standard precautions regarding different everyday situations of discomfort, and you might have satisfactory health this week. Getting examined might turn out to be helpful.


This week seems a bit bright and looks financially welcoming for you. If you have been waiting for some gains, try keeping yourself on hold. For specific problems, you might receive a non-favourable result. People in a creative field might have rainy days and a lean week like poets, musicians, and filmmakers. You might see new opportunities coming your way this week.


If you feel this week is not coming ahead for you with a great response, you might just blame your stars. Some travel related to business or work might be coming your way this week. However, don’t worry about this heavy work coming your way. Satisfaction may be elusive, but with the right company and learned people encircling around you, you may achieve a great deal.


For all those under this sun sign, if you’re worried about your grades. This week, you may be in for a treat, which may bring you good grades and great luck for your higher studies. Try finding the right opportunity, and you might be the chosen one for what comes your way. If you pursue a creative field, try finding a way for your inspiration.

The Week’s Overview

An important time for many parents to step in some cases so that things are set right. The children of some of you may face problems in chasing higher studies. There may be chances that their development may be stopped due to many obstacles coming in their way. But a piece of advice is that they should not pull themselves back in any type of effort they are putting on. The efforts need to be continued as the difficulties will be solved in due course of time. There are chances that your child’s study result may go below average. A good time for the mothers to be involved in the craft and creative work. You can make others happy when they are sad and this quality of yours will be appreciated. A great week ahead for many when you get involved in the work for achieving great heights. A week to connect with your old friends from school and college. The progress made in your life will make many of you happy. Make sure that your achievements will be recognized by others and this would give you confidence and benefits at the later stage.
The stars are really happy with you and they are obliging you with a good pleasant month on the family front. It’s an enjoyable time for many as the auspicious event is there in the family. Blessings from the elders of the family can be gained due to your good conduct. This gift from the elders will set the cordial family atmosphere and with it may turn into a harmonious month for the family. Family members will enjoy themselves with each other. Stars are also a blessing mood for many in the case of finances. There may be an increase in the overall family income. So a quite beneficial month.
The stars may not be in particular favour to you in the case of financial prospects. Many of you who are waiting for gains from the government may be disappointed. Your disappointment will be because you will not be able to gain what you were expecting. A period when the practitioners of arts like poets, musicians, dramatists, filmmakers may have to toil hard to search for work as they would be facing an unfavourable month ahead. The period coming ahead is showing that you may get very few opportunities. You might pay a lot for getting profit from the opportunities but your efforts might go in vain. This time is not favourable for investments and new projects.
Prediction of the stars regarding your career prospects may not be so bright. A time may come that the workload would be quite high. To meet the targets, you might be working too hard but the returns to your work will be quite small. You may not achieve satisfaction along with the returns as your life will not be fulfilled by the learned people around you. The stars are also indicating that you might need to travel. But this travel would get you very little gains and not big ones. These small gains may be achieved from the temporary movement towards the South. Patience is required on your part to go through this time.
A good month for you in the field of education. Many people who are going for higher studies may be blessed with getting the right opportunity to move ahead in their desired fields. The people who are pursuing dance, drama, music, painting, sculpture may have an encouraging creative activity. Some of you may achieve great heights only by doing a little effort. Those who are sitting for competitive exams may gain success with simple efforts.
Stars are really in a good mood to bestow good health to many of you. The good period in which no worries might be there. The people who have been suffering chronic disorders of the digestive tract, like flatulence and excess of wind may experience comfort. The situations may be controlled if normal precautions are taken. A little bit of care needs to be taken in case of a sore throat. It’s advisable to take a thorough examination of the symptoms of rheumatic heart. Time to enjoy a week of good health.

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