Injustice, feat Peshawar and Kashmir

Peshawar was under Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the 19th Century. The Sikh Empire formally annexed Peshawar in 1834 following advances from the armies of Hari Singh Nalwa.

Although the forced partition of Bharat saw the displacement of many Hindus and Sikhs who held key positions in the economy of Peshawar, there was still a substantial Sikh Population who survived there. Sadly, their survival since 1947, has been challenging with bloodshed, lots and lots of it.

In a gruesome incident in Peshawar, two Sikh men were gunned down by unidentified armed men. Police said that the assailants arrived on a motorcycle and fled after shooting the Sikhs dead, adding that a search operation has been launched to trace the culprits. The deceased were identified as Ranjeet Singh and Kanwaljeet Singh. It is being considered an attack against Sikh Community for refusing to convert.

There’s a constant threat to Hindu, Sikh, and Christian minorities in Pakistan.

These attacks have become an everyday scene in our neighboring nation. We must stand with our Sikh brothers & sisters and mourn the loss of people who not only have the same culture and faith as us but also have the same ancestors as ours. We all fought together against multiple invasions & our silence will fail our forefathers. I’ve written tonnes of emails to the UN with no response.

I’ve tagged them on my posts, and publicly shamed them, but there’s an arrogant silence everywhere. I guess the law is not the solution anymore and you’ll understand this better when I share the following heartbreaking incident from India.

Kashmiti Pandit government employee shot dead by terr-or-ists in Tehsildar’s office in Budgam.

In another dastardly incident of targeted killing in Jammu and Kashmir, India, terrorists recently killed a young Kashmiri Pandit named Rahul Bhat at Chadoora in Budgam.

In the incident that took place on May 12, Thursday, two terrorists fired bullets at Rahul Bhat, who is a clerk in the Tehsildar’s office. Reportedly, the youth was working in his office in the Chadoora area, when the terrorists barged in and opened fire on him at point-blank range.

Rahul Bhat was an innocent common Kashmiri Pandit Government employee who was working hard for a living. He was targeted for being a Hindu in Kashmir. In 1990, more than 400,000 Kashmiri Hindus met forced exile due genocide of Hindus. Blood lust hasn’t ended yet.

Laws came, things were amended. We all celebrated the abolition of article 370. However, somethings have not changed. Kashmiri Pandits are being murders even today.

Maybe its’ time to defend our civilisation more aggressively or else we will end up like angry citizens of Turkey (after their history was narrated to them) – Read Next Slide.

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