How to weigh your options?


A weighing scale or balance is a device used to measure weight or mass.

The oldest existence of weighing scales dates back to between 2400 BEC-1800 BCE in Ancient India in the Indus valley civilization, where balances were used to compare measurements and compare goods in trade. However, today I discuss how we can weigh options and decisions, not goods in commerce.

Weighing an option is the art of carefully considering different alternatives before you decide, mainly by comparing the various facts involved. Weigh your option is the ability to think carefully about the advantages or disadvantages of a situation before deciding anything. Numerous decisions need to be taken as you plan your life, and weighing options can help you immensely. If you feel stuck, here’s a step-by-step approach you can use.

When you weigh your options up, what should you do? It all depends on what you want the result to be.

Describe Your Situation or Problem, and note it down. Talk with others with knowledge about your situation or problem. Talk it out in detail. Write down all potential solutions. Don’t worry if they seem difficult to achieve or don’t make any sense. Know what really matters to you at the core of your being.

Weigh the positives and negatives of each choice. If you have many good options, you can organize them in order. Put the choices you like best at the top of the compiled list and the options you don’t like at the bottom.

While you are weighing your options, however, detach yourself from the bondage of your ego, enlighten your mind with knowledge of the problem at hand and try to reduce the distracting chatter in your mind. Without this step, your self-deception will tinker with the knobs and bolts until it is impossible to tell if you are trying to soar across the milky way or getting stuck in marsh mud forever.

Once you pick which option you want, pen down the actions you need to do for this choice. Don’t forget to prepare for deadlines and costs.

From running a firm to choosing any career path and excelling in it, this is a simple and old school yet convenient way of finding success in life.

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