Gemini Weekly Horoscope 22nd May– 28th May 2022


Love and Relationships

This week might be positive for the couples in a relationship, but keeping your promises and prioritising your partner’s desires might be necessary. A trip might be planned to create a spark in the relationship. This is an ideal time to propose to or get proposed. Couples seeking a divorce may find a solution, although there might be a chance to get back into the relationship.


Avoidance of skipping meals due to excessive work, proper diet, and exercise is advised. Meditation has many benefits and may solve sleep or stomach-related issues. While travelling, health may deteriorate. Therefore a health kit may be handy. Maintaining a balance between work and leisure would be of significance, as overwork can cause bad health to you and people around you.


This might be an excellent week to get an increment, get your outstanding money back, and crack property-related deals. This week, you might also witness some unanticipated expenses related to friends, travelling, religious activities, health issues, and children’s needs. Individuals who are involved in research work might experience success and monetary gains. You might benefit monetarily with the help of your friends or elder siblings.


You may see success in your projects and plan with benefits. A new job or increment may be possible. You are advised to be at your best when your seniors are attending your presentation. You may have the help of your boss, but seniors may make sure your to-do list is a little more than full. Independent professionals might have to continue to persevere for expected results.


A trip with friends may happen. With hard work, you might perform well on the competitive exam. Punctuality with studies, self-study, and completing all pending work is highly recommended. A feeling of being lost may continue to plague you but seeking experienced guidance may help. Individuals involved in research work or the medical field may have success. You are advised to be in a positive atmosphere.

The Week’s Overview

Things are gradually improving so that patience is required when deciding on significant investments and travel. Rahu and Sun transit indicates that you have some foreign contact, but you must be careful during your business transaction. Unplanned travel and friend expenses can occur. There are good chances of being selected for a new job or promotion. This week, you should be polite and humble in a love relationship. Students are likely to succeed, but they must avoid negative thoughts and comments.
This week could give you the positive result of marriage. Promises always play an important role in love. Good time to plan if you haven’t spent a long time together. Understand your partner’s needs and try to give your spouse your time and presence. This may rejuvenate the relationship with your family. If you like someone, you can get a love proposal. Those of you in the middle of a divorce can recover from the stress, and the expected outcome could come into play. Those of you who are divorced also could have a further chance to relate to the blessings of Jupiter.
Good week as you could make multiple profits. If something was pending for a long time, you may receive a return, but this week you have to take care of your expenses. Unplanned travel and friend expenses can occur. The person involved in research may achieve the desired success and the expected financial benefit in their project. Unplanned expenditure may result in health. Religious activity can be expensive. Good week for dealing with real estate issues.
The blessing of Jupiter may be with you, so you might be able to gain, and your planning may work. Good profit is achieved from your hard work and long-term projects. There are chances of being selected for a new job or promotion. But the Saturn and Moon’s transit advises you to be attentive while giving a presentation to your senior. You might get support from your boss, but your seniors might demand more work which can stress you. Independent professionals might be delayed in getting the anticipated project, so you have to work harder.
You could have the opportunity to go on a trip with your friends or on a long journey which could make you happy. Competitive examinations could bring expected success as Saturn gives a clue but do not depend on luck to do hard work. Be regular with your self-study and stick to your daily routine. Clear up your pending work and exercise all subjects you have not taken seriously. Take guidance from your mentor and parents when feeling lost. Avoid negative thoughts and be in the company of positive people.
The small routine checkup can give an idea of having your regular diet and exercise. This week, you should take care of your breakfast and meal schedule, which could play an essential role in supporting good health. Try to be regular in meditation and exercise, and do not miss your diet; you may have health problems associated with sleep problems and stomach-related health problems. You may be in good health through your healthy diet and leafy vegetables in your diet. Try to keep your personal and professional life in a practical way.

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