Gemini Weekly Horoscope 15th May– 22nd May 2022

Love and Relationships

Love ride might get a little bumpy due to ego waves, past mistakes, or blame games. There may be some medical issues. You may interact with your ex-partner. You are recommended to avoid disagreement or failure of promises with your partner or family, which might result in stress and hurt. Your communication and your ability to maintain calm might determine the quality of your marital life.


You are recommended to be cautious about diet as heart issues or other health issues may happen this week. Limited use of gadgets is recommended to avoid sleeping issues. Regular exercise and meditation are recommended. Children’s health might cause you some concern. You are advised to avoid arguments and disagreements as they may cause stress and affect your health negatively.


A loan may be sanctioned. There may be unanticipated expenses on parties, get-togethers with friends and family, or legal matters. Advance strategising expenses may be helpful. Foreign-related business deals may be finalised. Businesses pertaining to religious products, hospitals, health care, or spirituality may flourish. Foreign things or business-related investments and previous investments may pay off well. Business people are advised to be careful about the investment.


You are advised to avoid disclosing your plans and office politics. A new work responsibility may be witnessed. Sudden travels may happen, which may benefit you in the long term. Proper planning may save you over workload or last-minute stress. Government work, wholesale business, or backend jobs would be successful. You are advised to avoid ego clashes with business partners and be away from stress this week.


You may enjoy the company of new friends. The teacher may help you. Students of creative arts, occult sciences, and the medical field may have success. You are advised to forget past performances and self-analyze your productivity, and improve your grades. With a bit of patience, you might be able to turn things your way this week. You are advised to maintain compatibility with friends.

The Week’s Overview

Mercury transit may provide good intelligence and the ability to make good decisions. This week could be financially effective in obtaining a loan penalty. There are chances that your previous investment may bring you expected financial benefits for success. You might be able to get relationship suggestions, or if you like someone, you can go with your proposal. Transit Of Venus shows the entry of new people into your life, but you shall be polite and warm welcoming.
Life may become higher and higher by ego confrontations and uncertain challenges due to mistakes in the past. It is advisable not to dwell in the past. Love birds may come into a sudden discussion due to false commitment, so it is advisable to fulfil your promises. There may be some disagreement with a family member that can cause stress so that you have to look after it. This can affect your marriage, so be careful with your speech and also be kind to your family and spouse.
This week is likely to be successful or the loan sanction. There are chances that your previous investment could produce an expected financial success. Some of you may have unplanned party expenses or small parties with friends and family. Expected gains may be made by foreign investment or business. Proper planning of expenditure and a priority list could help. Corporate people have to take care of their investments. If you’re in business dealing with religion, hospital, health, or spirituality that may be successful.
Don’t expose your plan to your colleague and remain away from the politics of the office. There may be unplanned and long-term travel that can succeed in long-term projects. You should give the value of your time and have a preliminary plan for each work to avoid rushing. You may have expected success in government-related work. You may be very successful in your business-related wholesale or back-end job as long as you avoid an argument with the partner.
New school friends and college friends may give new knowledge. You are going to savour friendship. You may have harmonious relationship friends because they can be argued for sudden disagreement. Mars shows that there may be a teacher for assistance and guidance. Creative arts and related occult topics may succeed. The medical study of those of you might be successful in your projects. It is recommended that you do not ask others for self-analysis and that you do not get depressed by your past work.
The diets and, in particular, drinks and oils you use in the food must be taken care of. Heart-related health problems can be diet. There may be major health problems due to ignorance or a lack of food. This week, you may be helped by physical exercise and meditation for good health. Do not use electronic devices before sleep can cause sleep discomfort and health problems. An argument can also present challenges related to health. Overall the week looks good, but you can always make things great when you want them to be. Enjoy every day and welcome each day with a big smile and thanks to god.

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