Dr Franco – Debunking Breast Surgery Myths

two person doing surgery inside room
Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on Pexels.com

Since surgeons first started performing cosmetic surgery on breasts, myths and misinformation have existed, much to the chagrin of the plastic surgeons who routinely perform the safe and effective procedures. Dr. Johnny Franco, owner of Austin Plastic Surgeon in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, has heard them all and spent a lot of time over the years debunking them. 

“We do a full range of breast surgeries from breast augmentation to breast lift with augmentation, breast reductions, breast lift without implants, so we have a lot of experience in this space. Some of the procedures have been around for a long time and are tried and true industry staples, while other procedures are brand new and just starting to gain notice among patients,” said Dr. Franco. 

Because they can offer a wide range of breast surgery services, they’re in a position to make the best recommendations based on each patients’ needs and dispel any unfounded concerns a prospective patient may have. Their mission to help patients reach their aesthetic goals.

One prevailing myth is that doctors can’t give patients a clear idea about what their specific outcome is going to be. Dr. Franco says that’s not so. At Austin Plastic Surgeon they work very hard to make sure that they and the patients both have clear vision of what the aesthetic goal is at the completion of the this transformation journey.  

“Breast surgery is one of the things that’s really unique because everybody comes in with a different starting point and a different goal in mind. The process starts with achieving a clear understanding of what the patients wants to achieve during their aesthetic journey. I’m honestly a huge fan of ‘wish pictures’ because statements like ‘natural,’ ‘full’ and ‘subtle’ mean a lot of things to a lot of different people and when I can see what people have in mind, it doesn’t leave a question about expectations,” said Dr. Franco.

Another misconception is that the surgeries are not safe, and that is not true. There are a lot of steps that board certified plastic surgeons take to make the process as safe as possible for patients.  

Dr. Franco said that at his office, patients do an extensive sizing process so that they can actually try on a wide variety of breast implant sizes. This allows patients to look in the mirror and see what they will look like after their surgery. The sizing process is extremely important to make sure that patients are completely happy with their results for years after their breast augmentation.  

One antiquated myth that patients have to look fake or overdone after their breast augmentation. The new gummy bear breast implants have become incredibly popular as they allow patients to restore the fullness they lost over time (or never had) while still maintaining a soft natural appearance. The gummy bear implants come in a wider range of sizes and profiles so the breast enhancement surgery can be tailored to each individual’s needs. Now, implants complement the natural shape and slope of women’s breast to help them reach their aesthetic goal.   

Another myth is about the recovery timeline after breast augmentation. Patients are often surprised how quickly they recover after a breast enhancement procedure with gummy bear implants. The long downtime after a breast implant procedure is a thing of the past. Today, it depends on exactly what procedure a patient receives, but that time is going to be less than what it was 20 years ago. That’s because the overall process, scope of invasiveness, surgical site closure and methods have all improved. But the most important thing in the entire process, whether or not the patient is getting a major procedure or the minimally invasive, is that they know what to expect. 

“I think the thing that sets us apart is that we are totally in sync with the patient about what their expectations are for the final result. They may come in asking for one procedure, but in the end, we may determine that another procedure may be best,” said Dr. Franco. “I think we really try to work with people to make sure that their vision of their results is also our vision. We’re super clear with what they’re hoping to achieve from this. We’re focused on giving our patients something that they’ll love for a long time, and that takes meticulous preparation, but it’s always worth it on both our end and with all of our patients. When you know what you’re getting, you’re much more likely to be happy with what you get.”

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