Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 15th May– 22nd May 2022


Love and Relationships

This week may put your patience to the test as you struggle to maintain a loving relationship with your partner. Consider experimenting with novel methods to keep a stable and healthy relationship. Go on dates, dinners, outings to rejuvenate your relationship. Your ego may not serve either of you well. The stars advise you to exercise additional caution with your words and actions.


This week could test your mental strength. Too much work pressure could reduce your stamina and, therefore, your ability to handle broader challenges. Try not to be over-enthusiastic as this may be a week where one mistake might make you completely disabled. During the weekend, take care of your health. Drinking and driving should be avoided. Health should always come first.


People who loaned you money are very likely to pay you back this week. The financial benefits of part-time employment are many. It is possible that you may purchase a new home or remodel an existing one in the future. This week is a perfect time to look into acquiring ancestral property. Credit cards should be used carefully to avoid accumulating unnecessary financial debt.


Some disruption is almost certain to occur at your place of employment, which means you may need to be extra vigilant at work. Additionally, you may get a new job offer from a business, even if it does not seem very intriguing to you. Jupiter’s conjunction with the Sun is the optimal time to get a raise or have a good connection with your supervisor.


Seek expert advice if you feel under-confident about your career decisions. New activities apart from studies should be introduced to children to reduce their pressure and cheer them up. It is crucial to talk about how you feel with your parents or close friends to lighten up your atmosphere. Surprise tests are on your way, so stay prepared. Don’t get carried away with wasteful conversations with your friends.

The Week’s Overview

Those considering initiating work may take action around mid-week. You might meet some big shots and gain political support. You may receive recognition socially. The planets this week help you become charming and appealing. It is important to control your language and show respect to others. Those involved in legal issues may have respite. Travel for a spiritual reason , and donation may be done by you. You may have more options to go abroad to seek new job opportunities.
You are advised to keep communication neat and be dedicated and loyal to your relationship. Inability to share intimacy with your beloved might create problematic situations. You are suggested to find ways to maintain smooth and understanding communication with your partner and think about deepening the bond in your relationship. The ego is a destroyer of relationships. You might go through a period of self-discovery or analysis. You are advised to be patient and take charge of what you speak and how you act.
Mortgage/loan seekers are advised to apply by November 16th. You may recover the money you owe to people. Some part-time means of earning money might happen. You are advised to avoid making large investments now. You may buy a new home or renovate your existing home. You may acquire some ancestral property. You are advised to keep a check on credit card debt. You are also advised to find the right kind of company that is healthy for you.
The office scene might be a little tricky; as a result, you are advised to be more alert. A new offer of a job might fail to impress you. If you are thinking of changing jobs, you are advised to wait until Thursday. This time is ideal for promotion and developing rapport with the boss/superior due to Jupiter’s conjunction with the Sun. After midweek, you may have a sweet chord with your peers. Professionals are advised to keep information secret from coworkers.
You are advised to consult experts if you are unsure about your future career path. You may have to find a way to relax your child if you find them stressed or in emotional turmoil. Students are advised to express themselves to parents or close friends about their feelings which might be extremely important for their emotional health. You are advised to be well prepared for a surprise test. You are advised to avoid unnecessary conversations and focus on self-preparation academically.
This might prove to be a mentally challenging week. Work-related stress may exhaust your energy to deal with larger issues. You are advised to find ways to relax and focus on the main task. A little carelessness might ruin your entire week. Your health needs attention, especially around the weekends. You are advised not to drive while intoxicated.

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