Best Time To Visit Ireland – NYK Daily 3 Step Irish Weather Guide

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Will the weather be nice while you’re in Ireland? What should you wear? Should you pack an umbrella? These are questions nearly tourist asks when preparing for a trip to the Emerald Isle. This helpful article reveals the answers – right here, right now. Here’s tip number one…

1. Don’t Believe the “Snowy Ireland” Rumor

Most people are shocked when I tell them that the weather was comfortable during the winter I lived in Dublin, Ireland. But it’s true. The average temperature each day was around 50 degrees F, and it only snowed once…if you’d even call it snowing. It was more like 30 minutes of light flurries. The truth is that it rarely gets cold enough in Ireland to produce snow. Although Ireland is pretty far north, it is an island and receives warm, moist winds from the Atlantic Ocean which makes the weather deceivingly warm. So, don’t bother bringing your ski parka or snow boots when you come to Ireland! As a rule of thumb, Ireland weather is mild, but very unpredictable. That brings us to our second tip…

2. One Outfit Per Day Isn’t Enough…

One of the most important things to remember when packing for Ireland is that the weather is extremely unpredictable. I’m talking about a beautiful sunrise and clear skies at 7 A.M., dark, cloudy rain showers at noon, and sunny skies again by 3 P.M…that kind of unpredictable. This is common for Ireland weather, so be prepared. My best piece of advice would be to plan on layering your clothes. That way, if it rains unexpectedly while you’re out, you can just take off your wet top layer (a sweater, for example)…and you’ll still be wearing dry clothes. Concerned about getting caught in a downpour that soaks you to the skin?

3. Don’t Worry About the Irish Rain…

Yes, in Ireland it rains very frequently…often 3-4 times per week or more. But anyone who’s familiar with Ireland weather will tell you, “Don’t worry about it!” Here’s why. Irish rain is frequent but rarely ever soaking. The typical Ireland rain shower is long, light, and misty…not a hard downpour. In other words, yes, you’ll get a little damp…but rarely ever soaked. If you’re concerned about getting your hair wet, a poncho with a hood may be a good idea. However, don’t bother bringing an umbrella. Very few locals use them in Ireland. As a good travel buddy of mine once said, “No where besides Ireland have I ever seen umbrellas lying in gutters during rain showers.” Between the strong and constant winds and the busy, city crowds, an umbrella is simply more trouble than it’s worth. Just count on getting a little wet. You’ll be fine!

That’s it for our article, “Ireland Weather: 3 Tips Every Tourist Should Know About the Weather In Ireland.” If you’ve found these tips helpful and interesting, I suggest that you check out our “vault” of other valuable tips about traveling Ireland.

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